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The Hidden Reason Essay

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The Hidden Reason
Violent video games are very influential, as they have the competence to change a person’s character completely. Video games, if they have the ability to change one person, may eventually change society. They greatly influence the lives of people, and yet players don’t realize it at all, as they think of it as the normality. The only people with the skill to see these alterations are those who do not play video games containing violence. Even so, few realize these alterations, as most do not have the ability to comprehend these differences and connect them to the hidden reason of why they exist. Violent video games need to be banned because they increase violent thoughts ...view middle of the document...

Eventually everyone will have to face the consequences, not just the villain. The whole society is affected and that has the ability to change the whole city, state, or even country.
However, violent video games do not only affect behavior and thought process, but also the player’s academic performance. A study performed at the University of Florida and George Mason University proves that academic performance is decreased because of violence in games: “Results suggest violent games, and a large amount of game play, are related to troublesome behavioral and academic outcomes,” (Hastings, Karas, Winsler, Way, Madigan, and Tyler 1). The violence controls the brain, creates aggressive thoughts, and can stunt cognitive development. Games also become distractions and addictions, which means the student is spending less time studying, reading, and doing homework. These factors affect the brain and therefore the academic performance level of a student decreases. Also, because of the alterations in the player’s thought process, their perception of the world is altered, causing them to take on a whole new understanding of the environment around them. These changes may happen abruptly or may be too much for the student to handle. The student doesn’t function the same way and thus the study habits or methods he/she succeeded with previously no longer work, causing the student’s academic ability and performance to...

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