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The Hidden Truth Behind Violence In Modern Society

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The Hidden Truth
Chris Hedges once said “Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.” Violence, behavior involving physical force intended to injure, harm, or kill someone or something, as well as aggression, hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another, is spreading throughout the globe like a disease, corrupting our modern society. The drastic increase in violent and aggressive behavior in modern society can be attributed directly to the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, easy availability of deadly weapons and the limitless exposure to mass media that celebrates these behaviors.
Within modern society, one of the primary causes of violence and aggression is the proliferate abuse of drugs and alcohol. According to Daniel Sonkin’s research, statistics stipulate a large percentage of individuals who have a problem with violence are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Of those individuals, over two-thirds become violent while under the influence of these substances. Once an individual consumes drugs, the prefrontal cortex, or more commonly known as the judgment portion of the brain which controls reasoning and impulses, becomes dormant (Sonkin 1). For instance, under the effects of bath salts, which are now considered a harmful illegal substance, a man known as Rudy Eugene attacked Ronald Poppo, a scrawny, defenseless, homeless man in Miami, Florida, on May 26, 2012. The crazed attacker chewed off half of Mr. Poppo’s face just before being fatally shot by the police. As a consequence of consuming this detrimental drug, Mr. Eugene was mentally incapable of making logical decisions that any ordinary, clearheaded person would. The abuse and consumption of illegal, mind-altering drugs and alcohol increases the amount of violence transpiring throughout the world; however, the facilitated availability of arms or weapons pose an even greater threat to modern society.
While drugs and alcohol play a major role in the increase of violence and aggression in modern society, the easy availability of lethal weapons plays another perhaps even greater role. The Washington Post stated, “Of the 11 deadliest shootings in the U.S., five happened from 2007 onward...”(Klein 1). This fact verifies the increased amount of violent attacks caused by the use of weapons in the past decade. For example, in December of 2012, 26 innocent people became victims of a terrible shooting which took place in Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Of those 26 people, 20 were innocent first grade children and the other six were regular people working another ordinary day at the school. Adam Lanza, the 20 year old shooter, begun his sinister plan by first murdering his own...

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