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Here's a look at what I believe more people need to know about the Mexican Drug War and Cartel. The Mexican drug cartels have been like a disease spreading like a wild fire all over Mexico over the years. The Mexican government has been fighting a war with drug traffickers for a long time. Also, drug cartels have been fighting with each other for control of territories in Mexico. Over 60,000 people have been killed from 2006 to 2012, according to Human Rights Watch. Many people have been robbed, tortured, kidnapped, injured, and murdered through out the domestic drug war that is going on in Mexico. Officials have dispatched thousands of troops and experienced police officers to ...view middle of the document...

One of Chapo’s followers were taken into custody, and ended up confessing to the officials about the seven safe houses’ it is not said who this follower was but he was a major part of the capture of El Chapo. One reason it was so difficult to capture El Chapo is because it was difficult to catch him off guard he took extreme security measures often. If he would go to eat in a restaurant in Mexico; he would take away everyone’s cell phones in the restaurant until he was done eating. Before he would leave the restaurant he would give everyone their phones back and pay for their meals. The day of his capture marines tracked his cell phone by satellites to get his location. Then, they used body-heat scanners to determine the exact location of the drug lord. With that marines could see that his body guard was asleep along with him and his wife and children. Marines decided to use the “surprise attack” method, and when El Chapo realized what was happening it was already too late to run. One marine said to a reporter that El Chapo had an AK-47 laying next to him, although he had the weapon close he never attempted to reach for it. Although a very powerful cartel leader is now in jail; the war has just began in Mexico. Many cartels are going to be fighting to claim the territory that was once claimed by El Chapo.
There are at least seven known major and extremely dangerous drug cartels in Mexico and hundreds of smaller groups. One of the groups that I found to be interesting was the Knights Templar. This cartel was under the rule of Nazario Gonzlez who died in December of 2012. When he died a high ranking member of the cartel and a former teacher, Servando Martinez left. Since then, Matrinez has been doing interviews to the press telling about his experiences. The interesting part about this cartel is that they got their name from a medieval military Christian order, and whenever the Pope comes to town there call a ceasefire which means that no one will be killed for a certain period of time. Pope Benedict came to visit Mexico in March of 2012, and they called a ceasefire for the time that he was there. This group is known to be very much involved in the production and distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marjiuna. They also “tax” local farms and businesses in the state of Michoacán...

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