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The high jump is a sports event in track and field. The object of the event is to jump over a bar. The person that clears the highest bar wins the event. If more than one person clears the same height, the person with fewest misses at the lower heights wins. These are some of the interesting facts that are told in Rick Murphy's The Highjump. In the high jump, there are four basic parts of the jump. The parts are the approach, the take-off, the execution, and the landing. To be good at the event, the high jumper must practice all four parts. In the approach the jumper has an unlimited amount of steps. The minimum length of the high jump apron (approach area) is 15-meters. If you are approaching the bar from the right side, and you are an odd number of steps away from the bar, you start with your right foot forward. You do this in order to have your left foot as close to the bar without touching it on the way up. When you take-off you want your jumping foot to be as close to the bar as possible without touching the bar on the way up. To jump higher, you lift your arms with great force and drive your knee up. High jumpers must take off from one foot. In April 1954 a U.S. tumbler , Dick Browning, somersaulted over a bar set at 7 feet 6 inches. In 1962 Gary Chamberlain did a back handspring with a back flip over a bar set at 7 feet 4 inches and landed on his feet. Over the past half-century, the execution styles have changed dramatically, from the "scissors" technique, to the "straddle," to the now- predominant "Fosbury flop." In the scissors, the jumper hurdled the bar. In the straddle, still used by some, the athlete kicks the lead leg upward, going over the bar face down. The flop was popularized by Dick Fosbury, an American who developed the style and used it to win the 1968 Olympic gold medal. The athlete approaches the bar almost straight on, then twists his or her body so that his or her back is facing the bar before landing in the pit.You look over your shoulder to get more arch. Take the hand closest to the bar,...

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