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The Highway Administration Program Essay

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Question one: highway administrator’s goal-setting program
The Highway Administration Program was concerned with the repair of the worn out roads in the country during the winter period. This owed to the falling of snow on the roads that made activities such as driving and transportation very difficult to the citizens of the country.
Problems associated with the process
To begin with, the landing of the snow on the road caused many damages to them. This was because the levels on which the roads were raised were in different proportions. This, therefore, prevented lack of flow to be experienced on the roads. Moreover, the cracks that were observed on the roads came about because of the difference in the temperatures of the country.
During the winter season, the water that accumulated beneath the roads became frozen. They, therefore, increased in mass, thus breaking the hard ground covering that were put on the roads during their initial construction. The cracks, therefore, led to the formation of the potholes.
Another problem that enhanced the difficulty in driving was the damages that were caused on the vehicles. The most affected parts were the tyres that became deflated over time with an increment in the damage on their rims. These, therefore, inflicted many repair costs to the drivers of both the public and the private vehicles.
The residents were also not left behind in relation to the problems caused by the damages on the roads. To begin with, several cases of accidents and injuries were experienced. Examples included the frequent falls by the residents who never paid key attention to the holes while walking on the roads. Moreover, due to the lack of finances, more individuals who specialised in the renovation processes could not be employed (Buelens, 2006, p. 45).
These, therefore, called for the need to establish proper goals that would ensure the needs of the construction processes were met. As a result, there is a need to come up with the goal setting theory. These will determine the performance of the individuals basing on the ideologies that underlie them. They include:
Clearness: the goals should have a specific duration that will be required for their accomplishment. In this case, the processes of reconstructing the roads have to be done within a particular time, such that everything is fully organised.
Trials: the process will be required to be able to face many difficulties as a way of encouraging both the company and the workers to work extra hard.
Obligation: these will comprise the efforts that will be set forth so that the program is finally completed. As in this case, the role that the workers will have to play will be highly required for the success of the whole program (Young, 1994, p. 34).
Response: these will involve the modes through which the administrators will receive the reports concerning the development of filling the potholes. Moreover, the reactions from the residents basing on the benefits that they...

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