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The Hike Essay

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It is cold, foggy, and dark. Everything looks dead around me - brown grass, bare and skinny trees, my tired classmates. I look at the wildlife and think about greener, more beautiful places. I imagine that I am hiking in North Carolina or Austria, where nature needs no sprinklers to remain green. Why am I awake now? How can I find beauty on this hike? How can I possibly write an essay about this?

Despite my negative thoughts, I force myself to focus on the hike. Birds soar through the crisp air, singing their morning melodies and landing on trees and telephone wires. I hear cows in the pasture and feel nice, cool breezes. The road curves, and the hilly scenery suddenly appears more beautiful as we walk through the quarry. The fresh scent of a group of eucalyptus trees overwhelms me and brings back memories of the several times I have enjoyed Catalina Island. As I exhale, fond childhood memories make me increasingly excited about my journey, and I envision climbing a large live oak tree nearby. A small white butterfly flutters by me and a group of well-camouflaged deer climb the hills of their home. A tiny stream flows to my left, bringing life to the surrounding plants, such as the poison oak with its bright green and red pigments. Large red and brown leaves cover the sides of the rocky road, and I hear their crunch underneath my feet. The edges of the road are dotted with little white and yellow flowers that overlook a kingdom of brown grasses, rocks, and cacti from their thrones atop thin, brown stems. Yet, it is time to leave the road, the farms, the fences, and the telephone poles and adventure up Poly Canyon.

The sun becomes brighter as we start up the hills in single-file. I begin to feel like a kid and daydream about all of the hiking adventures I experienced with my family when I was younger, earning me the nickname “mountain goat.” Though my mind is elsewhere, the trail I am walking on is cutting through new landscapes. This area has fewer trees and more grass and chaparral. Birds still sing and fly around, and other animals like...

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