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Description Of Sports Gear For Hiking

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Sun Clothes. I buy most of my sun protection clothing from a company called Coolibar. I recommend Coolibar long sleeve UV shirts, pants and sunhats. They weave a 50 UV sun block material called Zinc into their clothing.
The cost for the long sleeve shirts are $40.00. The sun hats can be bought from $30.00 to $50.00. They sometimes have sales going throughout the year.

Sunblock. Any “UV 30 SPF” brand will protect your skin. Make sure it is 30 SPF or higher. The brands I use are Banana Boat and Coppertone since they offer excellent sun protection. Remember if you are outside all day don’t take chances with your skin. Walmart’s Equate, Walgreens and CVS generic brands are good too. There are plenty of other recommendations such as Coppertone and Neutrogena. They will cost you around $10.00.

Sunglasses. Walgreens and Walmart have sport sunglasses with 100 UV protection. I have been getting my sport shades at Walgreens for years. You can get a decent pair of Foster Grant sunglasses for $10.00.

Footwear. I like Asics and Nike trail running shoes. I am brand conscious when it comes to shoes because of quality and durability. Asic’s and Nike’s have never let me down and I have been hiking in them for years. Expect to pay $35 - $50 for running shoes. You can also use trail hiking shoes or boots if you’d like, but trail running shoes are lighter and just as comfortable.
Things you want in a good shoe: stability, comfort, durability, balance, and lightness Things you do not want in a shoe: Blisters, terrible arch support, no stability, not balanced, and are heavy.

Knives. Mora 511. This is the most durable, inexpensive, lightweight, fixed-blade knife I have ever owned. Ben’s sells them for $12.00. You can also find them on eBay. A lot of experts in the field of hiking and survival wear them around their necks.

Whistle/Compass. Walmart has whistles that are inexpensive. You...

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