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The Hills Have Eyes Essay

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The Hills Have EyesThe Hills Have Eyes is a remake of Wes Craven's film in 1977, directed by Alexandre Aja. It is a horror and thriller movie. This movie is about, the Carters, an American family travelling through the American southwest. They decide to go on a road trip through the Nevada Desert, to celebrate the parents' anniversary. However, they decide to take a short-cut into an area closed off from the public and the society. Their trailer happens to break down, leaving them stranded in the desert of New Mexico. What the family didn't know was that this short-cut was put as a trap to bring people into the path of a deadly group of killer mutants, who have been preying on innocent travelers for years. They found themselves on the desert with nothing alive for miles, and away from civilization. They were far from help under the steaming sun, until they realize they are not alone as they thought. They were being stalked by the group of psychotic savage people "hill people". Their faces and bodies were deformed by the radiation during a nuclear testing on the desert. The apparently empty desert is actually the upbringing ground of a blood-thirsty mutant family and they are the prey. The Carter family had to pull together if they were to find any hope of returning to civilized life again, alive.The biological deformation of these mutants occurred on the desert, which was originally a government atomic zone. It was used by the U.S government for nuclear testing that was empty. These terrifying mutants were offspring of miners left behind in the days when atomic tests spread radioactive across the desert. They were the only survivors left being stranded on the desert. The radiation caused them to deform and were genetically mutated becoming a greedy hungry blood thirst clan.This movie is based on events that are possible of happening and could be somewhat relate to what happened in Japan when it was hit with nuclear bombs. It is a possible for the effect of radiation to cause defection and mutation, having those creatures created. Due to scientific studies, radiation attacks the human body at its most basic level the cell structure. "When radiation strikes complex biological molecules, such as proteins or...

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