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The Hillside Stranglers By Darcy O'brien. Crime Is The Biggest Problem Facing Our Society Today.

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Crime in its many facets, is the biggest problem facing our society. Today society's outrage to crime is misplaced. However a serial killer's act may contribute to society's outrage, and the outrage should be directed towards the prevention of crime. Crime has actually become acceptable to many. As a result, we are becoming immune to crime.People disagree on crime prevention. Some argue that the death penalty is a deterrent - a way of making people afraid to commit a murder. Others argue that rehabilitation, teaching criminals how to become better citizens - is the answer. I believe there may be several approaches to the treatment of criminals. Infliction of the death penalty, solitary confinement and hard sentences are examples. It is possible that drastic punishment of criminals may prevent others from committing crimes out of fear. But above all, I believe the first aim of treatment should be to protect society from criminals through incarceration and isolation.The author speaks about himself as experiencing crime only through what is reported in the media. As such, he feels unaffected because he does not know crime first-hand. This is a prime recipe for crime thinking it will not happen to you and therefore one does not take precautionary measures. Society has become undated, and thus, immune to crime. Consequently, society has developed similar attitudes to the criminal justice system.The Hillside Strangler murders took place in California. A total of ten women killed by two men. The ages of the women ranged from 12 to 28 years. Ironically, thousands of people are killed each year, yet these crimes go unnoticed for the most part. It is only when serial murders are committed that the public takes notice - possibly because of a fear factor. The Hillside Stranglers are cousins, Kenneth Bianchi, and Angelo Buono, the mastermind of the duo. Kenneth Bianchi was a young, slender, good-looking man that did not cause any fear to the human eye. On the other hand, Angelo Buono, as the text described him, was an animal like creature. Buono was referred to as looking like a gargoyle with oversized thumbs and long swinging arms - a classic description of a criminal, according to Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso. He simply states that certain individuals are born with criminal dispositions and usually can be identified by certain physical characteristics. I believe there are many reasons why people become criminals -- poverty, poor and overcrowded housing, broken families, parents who neglect their children, and alcohol or dope addiction.What is so odd about the serial killers is their ability to kill at will without remorse. Both Stranglers were very family oriented and loved each other very much. Angelo would call his cousin "mi numi," that meant forever bonded together. It was only later when Buono realized that Bianchi was trouble that he began mistreating his cousin. Angelo was also an animal lover and showed great compassion to his pets. One...

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