The Hindu Belief In Respect For All Living Creatures

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The Hindu Belief in Respect for All Living Creatures

In Hinduism, one of the fundamental beliefs is that all living
creatures should be respected. This belief comes from various
principle and teachings within Hinduism.

Brahman is a very important concept in Hinduism and originates from
the earliest scriptures. Priests of the early Indian culture called
the magical power of nature ‘Brahman’ in their rituals with the ‘brh’
root meaning ‘giving forth’ or ‘growth and creation’. Later on Brahman
became known as the life-giving power of the universe. This power
dwell in every corner of the universe and beyond as it is a mysterious
concept to grasp and many writers of Hindu scriptures used poetry to
try and describe Brahman. Many religions accept the existence of a
soul or spirit embodied in everyone, containing their divine nature or
God being present within them. For Hindus the person does no only
consist of body and soul but a true, eternal, perfect self within a
temporary and imperfect body. This inner self is known as the atman in
Hinduism and as the body dies, the atman, the eternal, indestructible
essence of the living being leaves the body to go to another body.
This is known as reincarnation. So if every thing in the universe,
including living creatures, contains an atman that has the essence of
Brahman, Hindus should respect it. There are two stories that
represent this teaching from the Upanishads, which are Hindu

A father tells his son to break a fig in half and asks the son what he
sees. The son says that he sees seeds and his father tells him to
break one of them and tell him what he sees. The son says nothing. The
father says there is the subtle essence there although it cannot be
seen and that the whole universe is identified by that subtle essence.

The son then asks...

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