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The Historical And Imaginative Production Of The Mountaintop

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The production of The Mountaintop depicts a series of fictional events that happened during the night before well-known Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Katori Hall created this playwright using documentary facts and incorporates an imaginative spin into it. “The Mountaintop,” was taken place during the Civil rights era, and shows how King spent his final night in the Lorraine Motel, working and preparing for his speech. He encounters an outspoken maid Camae, and a relationship builds between them throughout the play. The production shows King’s final thoughts, and fears that may have been taken place during his last night alive. The director portrayed a side of Martin Luther King Jr. that is not the typical image shown to the public. The play also had a mystical twist that gave a powerful message to the audience. The setting, costumes, directing, and acting were presented very well in this production.

The entire production was taken place in the Lorrain Motel, where King was murdered. The scenery was very realistic, it looked like an actually hotel room by every detail, including the two beds, desk, lamp, curtains, and even a bathroom. The play started off on a stormy night, the sound contributed to the atmosphere by adding the audio effects of rain and thunder. Whenever the motel door opened, the audience can see the realistic effects of rain pouring down.

The costumes used in the production were suitable for the two main characters. King wore a suit signifying that he just came from an important occasion. Camae’s maid uniform resembled the fabrics that women wore around that time period with a flat collar, light blue dress, and also a shorter length to appeal more attractive to men.

The play begins when Martin Luther King Jr. arrives at the motel on a stormy night. He has come from delivering his famous speech and is struggling with the material to include in his next one. A young outspoken maid arrives that’s very flirtatious and starts conversing with King. The audience can feel the chemistry that builds, and even the Nytimes article states that there is an “ineffable sense...

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