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The Historical Background Of Bangladesh Ba Hons Assignment

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Assignment on : Historical background of Bangladesh
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Language Movement
· Bengali was the mother tongue of about 56 percent of the people of Pakistan.
· On the other hand, Urdu was the mother tongue of only 6 percent people of the whole of Pakistan.
· Although 56 percent of the people of Pakistan were Bengalis, the West Pakistani didn’t want Bengali to become the state language.
· On the other hand, Bengalis wanted to make their language the state language along with Urdu and had no objections against that language
Different Stages of language movement
First Stage of the Language Movement
Formation of Tamuddin Majlish { 15 September 1947 }
Education Conference in Karachi {December 1947 }
Formation of Sangram Parishad {January 1948 }
Second stage of language Movement
Demand by Dhirendra Nath Dutta February 1948
All-Party Rashtrabhasha Sangram Parishad and Protest {03 March 1948.}
Announcement of Muhammad Ali Jinnah{21 March 1948, }
Third Stage of Language Movement
Formation of Purbo Bangla Bhasha Committee: On 9 March 1949
Announcement of Liaquat Ali Khan: In September 1950
Announcement of Liaquat Ali Khan: On 26 January 1952
Meeting of All Party Rashtrabhasha Sangram Committee:
Language movement in 1947
The independent dominions of India and Pakistan were created in 1947;
the region of Bengal was divided along religious lines. half was designated East Pakistan and Hindu were the western part In1947, frictions developed between East and West Pakistan, which were separated by more than1,000 miles of Indian Territory. East Pakistanis felt exploited by the West Pakistan-dominated central government. Linguistic, cultural, and ethnic differences also contributed to the estrangement of East from West Pakistan. September 15, 1947, Tamuddun Majlis (Cultural Society, an organization by scholars, writers and journalists oriented towards Islamic ideology) in a booklet 
titled State Language of Pakistan :Bengali or Urdu?
The Secretary of the Majlis, at that time a Professor of Physics in Dhaka University, [Abul Kashem] was the first person to convene a literary meeting to discuss the State Language issue in the Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall.November 1947, In Karachi, the representatives of East Bengal attending the Pakistan Educational Conference, called by the Minister of Education Fazlur Rahman, a Bengali, oppose Urdu as the only national language
language movement in 1948
On February 23, , Direndra Nath Dutta, moves a session of Pakistan's Constituent Assembly for recognizing Bengali as a state language .The resolution was opposed by Liakat Ali, the Prime Minister of Pakistan . Regrettably, this was opposed by Khawaja Nazimuddin - hailing from the eastern wing - and a few other Bengali collaborators of the West Pakistanis in the Assembly. Later, D. N. Dutta came up with a few amendments to the...

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