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The Historical C Ity Of Madrid Essay

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Madrid is one of the historical cities in the world; it was founded by Emir Muhammad in IX century and originally called Mayrit. (Tour Spain) Now days, Madrid is capital of Spain and the hub of government, politics, education, entertainment, fashion and culture. (Wikipedia) Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that has the modern infrastructure with a cultural heritage full of exciting history. It is not only the largest city in Spain, but also third largest in Europe after London, and berlin. (Spain Info) The city is located in the heart of Spain by Manzanares River and connected to the main ports through the extensive rail system. (Wikipedia) From its start, the city has seen high population ...view middle of the document...

During that time, Castro plan was adopted to modernize the city in planned zone but region outside the planned zones remained substandard and backward. (Go Madrid) By nineteenth century, Madrid was home to 600,000 people and population was increasing rapidly because of the conversion of economy to industrial sector. During 1930s, Madrid was major industrial sector of the Spain and the home to one million people. During 1940s, when civil war broke out, Franco defeated the republican forces and assumed power over Spain. Under Franco rule, Madrid was solidified into one of the major cities of Spain, industrial and automobile expansion increased the growth of city and more than one and half people were living in Madrid. (Spain Info)
During 1978, after the death of Franco, Spanish constitution was written and name Madrid as capital of Spain. After democratic process started, Madrid saw dramatic increase in its population due to more jobs in the government and private sector. Between 1998 and 2007 population of Madrid doubled to almost 3 million. (City data) Democratic process made leaders to look into the major problems of the city and preserve national architecture.
Due to increase in population, Madrid is dealing with the major issue of air pollution which has reached alarming high. The major cause of the problem is disposition of gases from automobiles which also created smog in the city during unique temperature patterns. (BBC) Another cause of air pollution is caused gaseous and hazardous...

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