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The History And Development Of Aircraft

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One very influential inventions in the early 20th century is the aircraft. Ever since the design set by the Wright brothers, it has changed in both shape and size. Throughout history people have always found a reason to travel, and now this new type of invention is allowing people to travel farther and move faster. Everyone, no matter your color, race, or gender, is allowed to travel by this new form of transportation. The evolution of the plane played a major impact on the ability to travel, since the first day of airplane being created to when commercial flight was modernized.
The history of the plane started with a dream by Wilbur and Orville Wright. They had a dream to travel in the ...view middle of the document...

Fast forward a few more years and flying is the new big thing. Even women are now getting into flying. The first to break this unthinkable gender barrier is no one else but Amelia Earhart. Through her journal entries, she expresses a lot of love to be able to travel anywhere she wants. Travelling now does not require anyone else to take you to places. Now anyone can travel to anywhere that they want. Earhart is just one of the few that were allowed to get their own plane to travel by air. People are now not questioning where you want to go, you can just hop on a plane and go anywhere you want. Earhart at that time was visiting anywhere she wanted to go. She eventually disappeared, but she was doing what she love doing; and that happens to be travelling cross countries by plane.
The first major airline developed was the TWA (Trans World Airline). The airline included destination from North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. This airline allowed people not only to travel across their homeland, but to travel across the ocean. The only thing before the plane that could travel at that magnitude and distance was boats. The journey for boats can sometime span over days or even weeks. This new mode of transportation was making the journey across the ocean less than a day. The airplane is mainly appealing to those who had money and want to travel faster to save time. The only people that could afford plane tickets at that time were the upper middle to upper class because planes are still a relatively new thing. So each ticket cost a lot more, and not everyone can afford it. Travelling has been and will always be for those who can afford to pay for it.
The commercial...

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