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The History And Development Of School Counseling

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School counselors are licensed educators with a minimum of a masters degree in
school counseling, making them qualified to tend to all students academic and career/personal, and social life needs by guiding and evaluating in a school program that promotes the success of every student. You can be an elementary, middle school, or high school counselor. I chose this carrier for my senior exit project because therapy has been a very big part of my entire life, but I want to also be able to be that person in high school that every student knows they can come to about anything. I want to be a mentor and guide kids and help them create the most successful high school career that they can have and ...view middle of the document...

Also high school counselors may sometimes be required to renew credentialing by earning counting education credits that also help the counselor stay in current industry trends. It takes time and energy to become a successful school counselor and requires good study habits and determination to finish your schooling.
The history and development of school counseling began as a vocational guidance movement in the beginning of the 20th century that emerged from the industrial revolution. In 1907 Jesse B. Davis was thought to be one of the first to implement a sort of systematic guidance system in public schools. But in 1908 Bureau of Vocational Guidance was officially established by Frank Parsons. Frank Parsons was the “Father Of Guidance”. He Stressed the scientific approach to selecting a career with guidance from an elder when in the early schooling stages of kids. He felt that kids must have a clear self-understanding of there capabilities and have all of the resources that they need to be successful. Also to teach kids that employment is huge when becoming successful in life. In the 1960s and the 1970s the profession continued to grow with the new funds and new professional developments. It shifted from vocational/career development purposes to students personal and social issues. But later on in the 1980s to 1990s there was research shown that there should be a more strategic and systematic ways of having a school counseling programs because the system turned into a more emotional revolution rather then a school based program that was both for emotional support and school academic guidance and mentoring. Some issues with school counseling programs was first of all the non-school counselor responsibilities. At first the counselors didn't know how much to emotionally be there for students when it became that emotional relationship so rules and regulations had to be drawn to state that school counselors are yes there to be there for you but at some points there is an emotional state that the kids need to be seen by a family/children therapist. There was also variation in roles from state to state because again no one really had a 100%...

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