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The History And Events Of Tower Of London

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Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress or other wise known as The Tower of London, has played an outstanding role in English history. The Tower has also played an important part in controlling the country. The castle is over 900-years-old and is located in central London. There is not just one tower, its actually a castle made op of different wards and buildings.
The tower is made up of three wards. The Tower of London is made up of several buildings within two aligned circles of defense walls and a moat. The earliest and innermost part of the castle contains the White Tower. In 1080 work on the White Tower began. The White Tower is mainly referred to as a donjon, it is also known for ...view middle of the document...

On that wall Edward built the St. Thomas Tower and the Watergate from 1275-1279. Now onto the history of the Tower to when it all began.
William the Conqueror started this amazing piece of architecture and without him Europe would not have this amazing fortress today. In 1066 William decided to build the tower to keep unwanted Londoners at bay. It was founded as part of the Norman Conquest of England. Then in 1220’s Henry the III made the first expansion. Later in 1263 Henry III released the Tower to Simon de Montfort. As time went on the Tower of London started to serve as residence for many different possessions (Jarus).
One of the first things referred to in the reigning of Henry III is the menagerie. In 1251 a polar bear was joined the Tower’s menagerie upon request by Henry III. In 1254 sheriffs were ordered to build an elephant house. The menagerie started to growing because they were receiving diplomatic gifts of animals. In the 18th century the menagerie was open to the public, and by 1828 there were over 280 animals. Then in 1835 the animals were transferred to a London Zoo. The location of the menagerie is unknown today (Historic).
The tower also served as a home for the crown jewels. The Jewel House was built specifically to house the royal regalia, including jewels, plate, and symbols of royalty such as the crown, scepter, and sword. In 1669, the Jewel House was demolished and the Crown Jewels moved into Martin Tower where the paying public could view them. In 1649, during the English Civil War, the contents of the Jewel House were disposed of along with other royal properties (McGillick).
The tower was also a prison for famous and infamous criminals. The criminals were not always stored in the same tower they were spread out all over the place. Some of the famous criminals were Anne Boleyn who was accused of seducing the king into a cursed marriage. One of the longest-serving prisoners the Tower of London was the famed Sir Walter Raleigh, who was confined to the citadel for some 13 years. He was imprisoned in the Tower in 1592 when it was revealed that he had secretly wed Elizabeth Throckmorton, one of the queen’s maids of honor....

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