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The History And Future Of Cell Phones

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The desire for instant communication is dated as far back as 1843 when Michael Faraday, a chemist, began researching whether or not space could conduct electricity. In 1865, a dentist and scientist, Dr. Mahlon Loomis invented communication by using the earth’s atmosphere as an electrical conductor. He flew two kites, made with copper and wires, hooked to two separate mountains. The U.S. Congress gave him a grant for $50,000. (Cell Phone Timeline Para 1, 2)
The telegraph was built in 1866; also the mobile radio in 1921 that was only 2 MHz used only in police cars in Detroit, Michigan. Channel interference and overcrowding was a major problem; so in 1934, the Federal Communications Commission was created by U.S. Congress. They decided who gets to use which radio frequencies. (Cell Phone Timeline)
In 1946, Engineers from Bell Laboratories came up with a system to allow people to communicate with others from their vehicles. This led to the “mobile” telephone. Service was offered through AT&T. There was a limited coverage area, only few channels and only three customers could make a call at a time. Mobile services did cost only $15.00 a month. (Wikipedia)
Tania Teixeira, an editor for BBC News wrote an article after interviewing Martin Cooper. Her article stated that the concept of the cellular phone originated from this mobile car phone but the actual cell phone was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper. He was an engineer at Motorola. The phone weighed 1.1 Kg, was 23 cm long, and 4.45 cm wide. You could only talk for 30 minutes and it took 10 hours to recharge. It was known as the Motorola Dyna-Tac. Martin was the first to make a call on a cell phone. (Wikipedia section 3) “The battery lifetime was 20 minutes, but that wasn’t really a big problem because you couldn’t hold the phone up for that long.” Cooper stated in his interview. He took his invention to New York City to introduce it to the public. Everybody wanted one.
When he stood on a New York street and made the first phone call from a prototype cellular phone, he could not believe how successful it would become.
Now a worldwide telecoms industry has sprung up along with a vast array of technologies developed for mobile phones. (Teixeira Para.2, 3)
After Martin Cooper’s cell phone invention, it wasn’t easy getting the FCC to get the ball rolling. In 1977, cell phone testing was permitted in the state of Chicago. They began the first trials of phones with 2000 customers. Eventually, other trials appeared in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. Japan then, shortly after the U.S, began testing their cell phone service in 1979. In 1981 the FCC finally rules that Western Electric can manufacture products for cellular and terminal use; Which could’ve been done 7 years prior if there hadn’t been a lawsuit filed against Western Electric, preventing them to manufacture terminal and network phone systems under the same roof.
In the 1960’s, the mobile...

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