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The History And Objectives Of Sex Pre Selection

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The History and Objectives of Sex pre-Selection

Scientists have been aware for many years that dominant X-chromosomes produced females and sperm dominate Y-chromosomes produced males. However, it wasn’t until 1975 when scientist Ronald J. Ericsson, PhD. Began studies to determine whether or not enriched sperm samples would aid in the offspring of a desired gender.

Sex pre-selection literally means the selection or induction of the gender of a child prior to conception. Sex pre-selection was first established in the 1970s which scientists stained X and Y sperms to successfully identify them. Rigorous work has been complied on this treatment in the last three decades due to increasing demand from society for the “balanced family” and “planned pregnancy” with regards to the “chosen baby.”

The concepts pf sex selection can easily be traced back to the ancient times of China, Greece, Egypt and India. People of these communities had their own methods of convincing a baby of a desired gender. Many methods and approaches used during the ancient times are still used today. Such methods consist of the natural method, the Ericsson method, the Chinese and Indian calendar, the Pusvan Vidhi and the horoscope dating of conception. The Ericsson method is obviously named after the scientist Ronald J. Ericsson and is the most highly used method in today’s society. Pusvan Vidhi is a method that changes mucus barriers for better penetration of Y sperm. The Chinese and Indian calendar method is similar to that of the horoscope dating of conception method.

The objective of sex pre-selection, although highly controversial, is to “directly impact couples psychology who...

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