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The History And Mission Of Microsoft Corporation

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The Microsoft corporations is the largest software and hardware company in the world. It is famous for Windows, office and Xbox.

Microsoft mission statement: Accessibility make it easier for everyone to see, hear, and use technology, and to personalize their computers to meet their own needs and preferences. For many people with impairments, accessibility is what makes computer use possible.

Microsoft products:

• Windows
• Xbox
• Microsoft health
• Windows phone
• Internet explorer
• Microsoft office
• Visual Studio

Microsoft is a Public Company, that

Microsoft has its headquarters ____________________ USA

Microsoft Strengths: the brand itself is huge. Microsoft is the leading software and hardware company in the world. It has one of the easiest to operating systems to use, and also the easiest operating systems to install. Because of the easiness in the use, people to may choose Windows over other software giants like apple or Linux. Software that runs on Xbox one and 360 are similar to the windows based software, and due to the simplicity of the software, and the programs and features in the software, people may chose Xbox over competition like Sony’s PlayStations or Nintendo Wii U. Another strength of Microsoft is the pricing. Windows based PCs, pricing can start from 199USD to over 5999USD(alienware). The cheap laptops may have great quality for a great price, for them that cant afford expensive laptops. While the really expensive laptops are built for hardcore gamers or powerful graphics designing. Microsoft has bought a few different companies like Skype(8Billion) and Nokia, in which they have managed to bring back a company that had almost been bankrupt. Now Microsoft owns, some of biggest leading brands in the world: Windows, Office, Xbox, Surface, Bing, Nokia, Windows Phone, Skype and many more. Microsoft does also give back to the community. Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates has donated Billions of dollar to poverty, ones who lost their home and personal items in natural disasters.

Microsoft Weakness: Microsoft is not only meant for great investment, but has also made some really bad choices. One of Microsoft’s first bad investments was the Windows ME. Windows ME came after Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Most of MS ME did not work, was the easiest to hack system of that time, really slow, and it was to expensive for the time. Sale for the MS ME was really bad, which made Microsoft to quickly push out XP(greatly a success till today). Vista was also a flop for Windows. But one of the biggest mistake they made was a ZUNE, which was made to complete with the iPod. It lacked a lot of things, and the price was just above the iPod, which made...

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