The History Behind The Halo Universe

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“This is Spartan 117, can anyone hear me over” Master Chief says to Lord Hood. Lord Hood responds, “Isolate that signal. Master Chief, you mind telling me what you are doing on that ship?” Master Chief then says “Sir, finishing this fight”. The iconic series of the Halo Universe is a franchise that is looked at as the pinnacle of the competitive multiplayer system. On top of that, it also has a really good story while still making the protagonist you are playing as feel like a total badass. Bungie studios, who were originally partnered with Take-Two Interactive studios, which developed the top-down actioner Grand Theft Auto series, created this masterpiece of a game in the late 1990s, after ...view middle of the document...

With each installment came an immense plot that adds to the series storyline, and also improving on graphics, making sure each game held its ground with the previous Halo game. On top of that, I also want to talk about how Bungie studios made the innovations in each game to adapt to what core players wanted in either multiplayer or single player campaign, and also introduce something new and fresh, to make sure its players continued being interested.
Known as one of the best video games of all time, Halo: Combat Evolved changed the gaming industry forever. Originally meant for the PC after the transition to Microsoft, the Microsoft Studio made it an exclusive game for the Xbox system, the new rival to the critically acclaimed console at the time, Playstation 2. Halo: CE was released on November 15, 2001 for the price of $19.99 USD. On top of this purchase, they only way players could get their hands on this game also had to cough up $350 dollars for a brand new Xbox, since it wasn’t until years later a port of the game was released for the PC. Halo: CE was a situational first and third person perspective game. You control the protagonist in first person, but with the feature to get on vehicles and ships were showed in a third person perspective.
There was both a single player campaign and a multiplayer cooperative system. The single player campaign can either be played alone or with another helper, assisting you with any battle, or journey you encounter. Before the player begins the campaign, they are introduced to the Halo Universe, and as the story plays out the user finds out that there is a brutal war going on between the humans and a race of aliens called the Covenant. The Covenant are known for being extremely evil and at times can wipe out entire planets at a time, so if the humans ever stand a chance, they will have to act fast. Since the Covenant are approaching the Earth, the humans realize that they cannot prepare any further and that a battle is inevitable, they just want to make sure to keep it away from Earth. After a huge spaceship battle occurs near a human planet, there is only one human ship that survives: Pillar of...

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