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The H Istory, Culture, And Geography Of Singapore

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Singapore is a city-state main island that is in Southeastern Asia, located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, north of Indonesia between latitudes 1º 09´N and 1º 29´N and longitudes 103º 36´E and 104º 25´E. The Malay Peninsula is about 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of the Equator and consists of the diamond-shaped island called Singapore. Singapore lies directly between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean with the makeup of 63 separate islands. The total land area of Singapore is 704 square kilometers (272 square miles). The lowest point on Singapore is sea level and the highest point is Bukit Timah at the lofty elevation of 162 meters (531 feet). (Szczepanski,) Nearly two-thirds of Singapore’s island is less than 50 feet (15 meters) above sea level. The eastern part of Singapore Island is a very low plateau cut by erosion into an intricate pattern of hills and valleys.
Singapore has a tropical climate, which does not vary much throughout the year. The average temperatures in Singapore usually range between 23 and 32°C (73 to 90°F). The average monthly temperature in Singapore ranges from about 81° F (27° C) in June to 77° F (25° C) in January. The record high temperature that Singapore ever had has been only 97° F (36° C).With Singapore having a tropical climate that is generally hot and humid there are still two monsoonal rainy seasons that usually occur from May to September (southwest monsoon), and November to March (northeast monsoon). The monsoonal seasons determine the relative incidence of rainfall and the movements of the monsoon air masses. During these inter-monsoon months, it usually rains frequently in the afternoon. The wettest time is during the northeast monsoon period, with an average rainfall reaching more than 10 inches. The lightest rainfall period is during the southwest monsoon period, with an average rainfall of less than 7 inches (Ho,). During the inter-monsoonal period (April and October), the air movements are sluggish with intense afternoon showers and thunderstorms. On an average, Singapore’s precipitation is about 95 inches per year and rain always falls somewhere on the island every day of the year (Winstedt,). Floods in Singapore are usually severe due to the streams having low gradients and excessive water runoff from cleared land. The streams in Singapore that drain northward have broad mangrove-fringed estuaries that extend inland. Soil that is located on the eastern part of this country is extremely infertile.
When looking back, Singapore’s early history went through several and various struggles for power over the years. One struggle that happened during the 13th century was when the kingdoms of Siam (now Thailand) and the Majapahit Empire fought for control over the Malay Peninsula and Singapore. One of Singapore’s founding legends is that during the 13th century a prince shipwrecked on the island and saw a lion for the first time ever, and took it as a sign to name the island “Lion City”...

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