The History Of The Beatles Essay

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The History of the Beatles

The Beatles are known to many as one of the greatest bands of all time. Their music has
influenced many people, including the Queen of England, future musicians, parents, and teens. All
four, Ringo Starr, Paul McCarteny, John Lennon, and George Harrison, were knighted by the
Queen. The controversy of the statement made by John Lennon that "sparked protesters
everywhere to burn countless records. Teens were influenced by the peaceful lyrics and hippie
messages. Numerous musicians of today count the Beatles among of their inspirations. The modern
rock band "Oasis" has stated that they get their greatest influence from the Beatles" (Lewisohn, 56).
This great band had small beginnings, however.

On October 9, 1940, John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool, England. He was raised
by his aunt Mimi after his parents divorced. He attended an art school after doing very poorly in all
aspects of school except art. He began his first band, The Quarrymen, in 1956 (Wiener, 5). He
met Paul through a mutual friend at the Garden Fete in Liverpool. Very impressed that Paul could
play Eddie Cochran, he then asked him to join The Quarrymen (Dowlding, 30).

James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. His mother was
a nurse, and his father was a salesman and musician, who played piano in a ragtime band (Wiener,
5). Paul's mother died when he was fourteen. Paul had been around music his entire life because of
his father, but didn't become interested until the days of Elvis. After he joined The Quarrymen with
John, they both began writing songs such as "Love Me Do," and "One After 909" (Schaffner, 18-

The third Beatle to enter the band was George Harrison. He was born in Liverpool on
February 25, 1943. He was the youngest, but the most talented musically. He had an Irish heritage,
and was "the son of a friendly local bus conductor" (Schaffner, 19). George was only sixteen when
he joined the band, which was, at that time, The Quarrymen. He was allowed to join because John
was very impressed that he could play "Raunchy," a popular song at the time, note for note
(Lewisohn, 3). As soon as George joined, he, Paul, and John dropped out of school (Schaffner,

This band had three guitarists, singers, and songwriters, but no bass or drums. After trying
many people, they finally settled on Pete Best on drums. They recruited Stuart Sutcliffe on bass, and
although he was a talented artist that John had met at school, he could hardly play his instrument
(Wiener, 4). The new band had no name, and their early inspirations were Buddy Holly, and the
Crickets. John created the name "Beatles," because "'I [John] was looking for a name like the
Crickets that means two things. From Crickets I went to Beatles... when you said it people thought
of crawly things, when you read it it was beat music.'" (Schaffner, 20). So the Beatles were born....

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