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The History Of And Employment With The Federal Bureau Of Investigations

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President Theodore Roosevelt highly believed that the national government should play a role in helping prevent crimes. So, in 1908, he designed a group of Special Agents that became a part of the Department of Justice. Up until the year of 1908, many people had felt that city and state law enforcement groups could handle any crime made committed. With the United States going through major changes, the nation’s population grew dramatically, and so did the rate of crime. Thus, the Federal Bureau of Investigations was formed. “In July 1935, the FBI was given its official name. Ever since, they’ve had their hands full with tough cases. At any given moment the FBI is on the lookout for 12,000 fugitives!” (Ramaprian 11).
The nation needed an investigative team that could solve very extensive crimes. This group was also given the ability to solve crimes that crossed the state lines. Since its earliest days, the FBI has taken on many different roles. The bureau can now tackle drug trafficking and international crimes. Today, the FBI can employ about 11,400 Special Agents, and about 16,400 Professional Support Personnel. These employees can work out of fifty-six different field offices, and forty-four Legal Attaché offices. The Legal Attaché office is one that is located in a foreign country.
Those who dream of joining the FBI at some point in their life must meet several different requirements. The requirements are: must be a U.S. citizen, be between the ages of 23 and 37, should be in topmost physical shape, must take drug-screening and lie-detector tests, and must agree to a full background check. Most background checks can take up to 4 months to complete. Each requirement is important to the FBI employer because they need to know that you will be able to meet the high standards the task force asks for.
There are also 3 test phases that must be completed upon applying for an FBI job position. The first test is more along the lines of a personality test. The interviewer will ask questions about you and your immediate family members. The second phase on testing is focused more on written tests. You will be asked more questions that you will have to answer. However, majority of these questions are also face-to-face. This is so that the interviewer can see if you answer any questions differently than the first time. The third and final phase includes all the drug testing and background checks. A security interview will be made so that they can see your commitment of working. This process can take up to 3-6 months, but the average time frame is usually 5 months.
Certain agents do certain things. So, what an agent does on a daily basis is based upon what their specialty is. For instance, if you’re involved in Forensics, you would spend most of your days looking over evidence hands on. You will also possibly in a lab rather than going out onto the scene on a case. If you’re a new agent you will first have to go through Special Weapons and Tactics...

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