The History Of Anime And Its Influence

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Some people may ask what is anime, and how is it different from cartoons. Anime is a term specified for Japanese animation. How has Anime affected history, and how does it influence today's society? Anime covers more serious topics than american cartoons. Cartoons in America are considered a form of entertainment for children. Anime in japan are for people of all ages, anyone can watch anime. Most anime shows and movies are made for children, adolescents, young adults, but there are also anime that are made for the older generation of people. Anime shows are directed for any type of viewer.
Like any other type of movie or show, there are many different type of genres in anime, including comedy, romance, action, and drama. There are also anime targeted to the male audience (shonen), and for the female audience (shoujo). Anime is not bias, they make anime for every single type of person. Every person has their own preference for what they may like, some people may like to watch action, some may like to watch romance, and etc. However even within anime there are unique types of genres limited to only anime. Some Unique types of genres limited to only anime can include “Mecha”, “Mahou Shoujo”, “Slice of life”, “Shounen Ai”, and also “Shoujo Ai”. These genres are unique, Mecha would involve robots, mahou shoujo would include magical girls (Sailor Moon), slice of life tries to captures the everyday life, Shounen Ai and Shoujo Ai are very unique. Shonen Ai, means Boys love, and Shoujo Ai means girls love, this types of genre are very unique as it is not introduced in many other types of shows, these genres freely express homosexual relationships. However that is not the only unique feature that animes have.
Anime has many unique type of features besides the genres specified to only anime. Anime has a certain type of artwork to it unlike American cartoons. There are certain features in anime that are not found in other cartoons. Some features that Anime characters may include that are large eyes, bright colored hair, well-endowed female characters and exaggerated emotional expressions and gestures. Anime creators were largely influenced by the early ages of Disney characters, such as snow white and the seven dwarves, Mickey Mouse, and also non-disney character Betty Boop. All of these character had large eyes, and Betty Boop was a well-endowed female character. All of these characters have influenced Japanese animation and now japanese animation has taken those traits and further developed them.
Back in the early Ages, what is considered anime now was nonexistent. What was considered animation back then was not what we would consider animation as it is now. Animation in the past was things like pictures or woodcarvings. The very first anime, that would meet our anime standards now, is actually a short 4 second clip with an unknown creator. "Katsudo Shashin" - The first Japanese Animation appearing in 1907, this is what the 4 second video clip was...

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