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The History Of Archery Around The World

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The bow and arrow dates back to thousands of years ago, it is estimated that they were found anywhere from 18,000BC to 25,000BC. They were used all over the world but the first arrowhead was discovered in Africa. There are many kinds of bows, the most common are the longbow and the recurve, there were many different styles created by several cultures during different times in history. In the Stone Ages, drawings discovered in caves illustrated many simple segment bows with many different shapes; flat, paddle-shaped bows were shot by Andaman Islanders. Some bows were made with wood like elm and yew, while others were made with many different materials like animal bones, horns and tendons; this was called the composite bow. The composite bow could either be made of wood and other materials or be made completely from different materials. In China, composite bows were comprised of newly harvested and dried bamboo. Scientists suggest that the bow originated from spear throwers and in between 18,000BC and 25,000BC fire was used to make stone arrowheads harder and feathers were added to make them more accurate.
During the Mesolithic period (20,000BC-7, 500BC) and Neolithic (7,500BC-3, 500BC) period illustrations of bows from that time appear on cave walls and rock faces. Several different kinds of bows were drawn, there were many long and short simple segment bows with more of a circular shape, but there were also more complex bow shapes, which suggests that they were composite bows. Composite bows were found in north Eastern Europe and Asia. The composite bow was a result of great need because wood wasn’t available in the regions where it was found. It was mostly used in North America, parts of South America and what is now Russia and China, and on the coasts of Greenland. Wooden bows were used in Western Europe, Iceland, Africa, India and Islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans; all these locations had enough wood to satisfy the archer’s needs. During the second century BC, China used bows on horseback and chariots during wars.
A bow estimated to be around six feet long was the first to be found in England and is from around 5,690BC. A bow not much younger than was also found in England and was around 63 inches long, it was from 2,665BC and much like the first one found. Six longbows found in Germany and Holland, made form yew were measured 45 inches and are estimated to be from 2,400BC to 1,550BC. After 1,500BC there was most likely a scarcity of bows because of the growth of bronze weapons like swords, spears, and axes. The bow would often disappear in parts of history but always showed up again, it disappeared but came back in North Europe during the Christian era and was used on horseback, it was not used in battle again until the armor-piercing arrow was created in 750BC.
In America, the bow was first used in 500BC by the Native Americans. They often used Oak, Cedar, and Hickory wood, or any other wood that was available to them to create...

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