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The History Of Baseball Essay

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The History of Baseball

Baseball in America is about as common as alcohol in college , it is everywhere
and participated by everyone. Children and adults play baseball in small towns
and large cities and professionals play it throughout the country. The game of
baseball is America's pastime and it popularity is enormous. The beginning of
the 20th century between the 1930's sparked the emergence of baseball and
it's members as nationally popular . There was many different organized
leagues ,during these times , including The American and National Leagues and
Negro Leagues . These leagues , mainly the American and National , had
superstars who were immensely popular and beloved. Some stars in these
leagues , scarred by scandals and malapropisms , damaged the baseball
persona. The game of baseball from 1900-1930 began to take its form as a
popular and magnificent sport that characterized American society. In baseball
, the years between 1900-1910 began with turbulent times and they finished
that way. In the beginning of the 20th century , baseball began with a
controversy between its two major leagues. The newly formed American
League lured many National League players with " offers of an average of
$500 more per season"(1)and " not [trading ]without their consent."(2) The
National League owners complained , mounted lawsuits , and fought among
themselves. It was not until 1902 when owners from both leagues agreed " to
co-exist peacefully and to abstain from signing the other league's players…
respect the other's rights"(3) and to define the territories of each league. A
National Commission ,which had members from both leagues, was established
to enforce the rules made between the two leagues. The two leagues battle
against one another , in attendance and popularity , during the following year. In
1903 , the two leagues decided to play a best of nine series between the winner
from the National League and the winner from the American League. The
series " was a financial success for the owners"(4)and players and it was a
popular success with the fans. The Boston team from the American League
won the first world series in 1903 and the New York Giants from the National
League won 1905. In 1904 , the National League choose not to play the world
series because they did not want do anything to help the...

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