The History Of Being A Teacher

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I would like to be a teacher. I love kids and I love making them feel better. Teaching has always been something I wanted to do. Kids are just so fun to be around, yes they will have those days where they are bad, but there will be good days that the kids can be so sweet and just make your day a whole lot better, and make you laugh and smile. That’s why I want to be a teacher. Not only because I love being around kids, I just love helping people understand things a whole lot better about their education and their life plan.
The history of being a teacher is basically helping kids get better at things that they don’t know. The passing on the culture is also known as enculturation and the ...view middle of the document...

So if there is education kids are being smarter about their decisions and not doing dumb stuff to affect their career. That’s why teaching is usually found everywhere, so that the education could make kids more focused on their careers.
General duties are supervising students, sponsoring extracurricular activities, basically watching out for students. The specific duties would be knowing who and what goes on in the classroom making sure all of your students are safe. The hours of work for a full-time would be seventy-six per for-night. Making sure your kids are alright is a good part of this job. If anything happens it gets blamed on the teachers for not looking out for that kid. So be aware that you watch all kids and make sure that they are safe.
The gender in this career field are mostly girls but there are male workers in this career field. The age in this career field would be from about 20-40 in teaching. The health and physical goal in this career would have to be really healthy, because you would have to be able to watch over the kids. The aptitude would be able to teach the kids without getting mad at them and hurting them. Then if you hurt their kids it wouldn’t be good because you would have so many charges against you because you didn’t know how to handle the problem correctly. You would have to have a teacher’s degree and a license. You would have to be good with kids and teaching them their wrongs from their rights. Being a teacher takes a lot of responsibilities and you would have to be there for the kids no matter what the situation is. You wouldn’t be able to pick sides because you like someone better then the other one.
Classes I would take would be like Spanish, English, Math, Social Studies, I would also maybe take tutoring and afterschool studying, teacher and courses so I would be able to learn more about being a teacher and learning. To become a teacher you have too have a Bachelor’s degree, you would also have to have a license by the state were they would love teach. Individuals are...

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