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The History Of Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

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The History of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
When most people hear about Bill Gates the first thing that comes to mind is the obscene amount of money he has made through out his career. Owning many different foundations, the most common foundation known to most college students is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that provide many different scholarships. However, this foundation also does various things to give back to communities and aiding suffering countries. Within this foundation there are also various branches such as the United States Program, The Global Development Program and the Global health program that have grown over time making the Gates a commonly used household name.
Being the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates had already made millions of dollars while also becoming more and more famous for his work with computers. So it came as no surprise when he took over his father’s previous foundation called the William gates Foundation and renaming it the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in 1997. Quickly donations were made to many universities and colleges such as the University of Washington. They were awarded a donation of twelve million dollars. The Gates Foundation also contributed two million dollars to the Seattle Area YMCA, twenty million dollars to the Seattle Public Library, and one million dollars to the Tacoma Art Museum. The Gates also devised plans to improve public education as well as attacking global issues. Of course one knows that at one point in time technology was only available for the rich or in other words only the rich could obtain certain information or knowledge that the poor couldn’t. Bill and Malinda gates understood this so they created a second program called the Gates Library foundation, which dispersed over two hundred million dollars to public libraries paying for thousands of computers to be placed in libraries with funded Internet making room for hundreds of technicians to race for the opportunities to do the instillations. Thus creating jobs.
Yet the Gates didn’t limit themselves public education issues the also provided aid for global health. The spread of malaria increased rapidly taking a toll on not only third world countries but also gradually moving into long developed countries. In 1999 the Gates Foundation funded a fifty million dollar Malaria Vaccine Initiative, making it the single biggest backer of malaria research. The Gates Foundation then funded one hundred million dollars Children's Vaccine Program for diseases such as tetanus,...

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