The History Of Chemistry: Apple Computers

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Before the age of Apple Technologies, Pcs and androids were the most popular items on the market, and that soon changed once Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced their new toy to the public. Their “toy” will change the world forever weather they knew it or not.
Apple Computer first came to be a company in 1976. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked extremely hard on their new inventions. These two intelligent men dropped out of college, and were often judged upon doing so. Apple officially started in the basement or garage, rather than at an expensive business location. When these two men decided to start on their invention they were laughed at and mocked. But they surprised the public when they turned out to become some of the riches people in America. When apple was first brought out so many people was so fascinated by the new top brand that their new business became a success. Until the nineties, the company produced some of the best looking and great technology computers and smartphones that could be found on the market. Apple became everything the people wanted. After the release of the new computers, in 2007 on June 29th, apple released the new iPhone which included a touch screen and internet access. This became a nation’s outbreak and sent the Apple charts over the top. At this very time Apple became the most bought phone and Computer Company in the world. They were unpredictable. It left the people thriving for the newest invention and asking “What will be next?”
Before the Apple Company was a part of the technology family, society was not adapting to the new “high-tech computers. They were used to computers that were not quick and their size was unforgivingly big and bulky. Apple showed the world how great technology can be and how the Apple Company changed the world. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak gave our world a new taste of retro-technology with the use of computers and the first invention of the touch screen phone. Between the many devices that Apple has created no other company has exceed up to the greatness of the company. Apple has created over the course of ten years: smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and desktop computers. In 2012 of Christmas last year Apple came out with the new iPhone 5, this new phone was far different than any other technology that Apple has ever made. This iPhone has great features such as a new body style which is easier to hold with one hand, and it also has a new camera. This new IPhone made a huge difference to the phones of the Apple family, especially compared to the IPhone 4 which came out the previous year. Not long after the iPhone 5 was created the iPhone 5c which was created in a totally different way. The iPhone 5c has a brand new body...

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