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The History Of Cubism :How It Started Who It Inspired ,Ow It Become Such A Well Known Movement Ect...

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Cubism1902 to 1914 Cubism in the art world, is said to be one ofthe most important art movements in the art history of theTwentieth century. Unlike composed of three phases involved in the development of cubism. These three phases are Facet Cubism (1906), Analytic Cubism(1908 to 1911) and synthetic Cubism (1912).The facet was basically a movement in which a series of landscapes with simplified forms and limited variety of colors where produced. Baroque went with raoul Dufy in 1908 on a trip to l`Estaque, A place often painted by Cézanne. Because of the controversy surrounding their exhibition at the Daniel Henry Kahnweiler Gallery, Cubism was brought it's name, Louis Vauxcells then stated that "Mr.Braque scorns from reduces everything, sites figures and houses, to geometric schemas and cubes.1908 to 1911 Analytical Cubism the second phase of Cubism was born. Objects were taken apart and reshaped with the use of flat interesting planes. Usually this phase was demonstrated by the artists breaking down and analyzing an object, The natural forms to their basic geometric parts where changed into three dimensional parts with two dimensional picture planes. The main color scheme is browns and other muddy colors (monochromatic colors). In this phase favorite motifs to the painters were subjects including musical instruments, bottles, pitchers, glasses, newspapers, still life's and the human face and figure. Pablo Picasso and Georges baroques initiated the movement when they followed the advise of Paul Cézanne, who in 1940 said that artists should treat nature in the term of the cylinder, the sphere and the cone. An example of this period is The Guitar Player by Pablo Picasso.The last phase of the Cubism movement in 1912 is synthetic Cubism. The work of this phase emphasize the combination, or synthesis, of forms in the picture, Color assumes a string role in the work , shapes remain fragmented and flat they are larger and more decorative. this is then when artists of this time started to past paper and pieces of oil and cloth, newspaper, tobacco wrappers. Then would paint either on then or around them. This style of college was the main style of the third phase of cubism. Subject matter like Musical instruments, especially the guitar and violin are often found in this period of works. A good example of this type of work is Still life with Chair-Canning by Picasso.The biggest inspiration of cubism included the later work of Cézanne (1839 to 1906); The compressed picture space and the geometric forms really triggered the inspiration. Pablo Picasso (1881to 1973) throughout his long artistic career worked in many different styles like cubism and surrealism. As a matter of fact Picasso was quoted for having said in 1943 "Cézanne do I know him! I do indeed, He is my master". ByJenna Jessup 3comparing Cézanne's painting "the seat L'estaque" from 1878 to 1879, with Picasso's painting "Horta de Ebro" (1909) you can see the...

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