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The History Of Current Use Of Plant Based Medicine In India

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Chapter-1. Introduction

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1.1 General Introduction 2-5
1.2 Indian System Medicine 5-11
1.3 Herbal Drug Industry 12-13
1.4 Amaranthus 13-15
1.5 Selection of Plant 15-17

The history of phytotherapy is to trace the history of civilization itself. The discovery of the certain plants for their curative properties must have sprung from instinct. Traditional medicine is an evolutionary process as communities and individuals continue to discover new techniques to heal the aliment that can renovate into medical practices. We should credit our forefathers with the wisdom, which identified the species with medicinal properties. From time immemorial, plants, animals and minerals used to for the treatment of human diseases. Plants, in particular, have been the foundation of several traditional medicinal systems all over the world to provide humankind with new remedies for thousands of years and continue. Plant-based medicines are primarily dispensed in the form of crude form such as teas, tinctures and poultices, now provide as the foundation for novel drug invention.
In India, herbs have been traditionally used for human and veterinary health care and in the food and textile industry. Ninety percent of indigenous people known the local food resources were not document, to nutritional literature, trade, and cosmetics; but India has a special position in area of herbal medicines, since it is one of the few countries which are capable of cultivating most of the important plants used both in modern and traditional systems of medicine. India has rich flora due to wide variation in climate soil, altitude conditions. climate, soil, altitude/latitude and rich flora.
Throughout the world, about 35,000 -70,000 species of plants have been used at one time or another for medicinal, nutraceuticals and cosmetical purpose. In India, about 1000 plants species, in Nepal about 700 species, 700 species in Malaysia and in china 9905 plant species are used but only a relatively very small number of them are used in any significant volume.
The herbal drug market itself is growing at a rate of between 20-30 % annually, with individual company registering different growth rates. The healthy growth rate of this market can also be attributed to the government policy of encouraging the manufacturers of purely herbal products. This coupled with absence of any pricing guidelines. Unlike “Drug Price Control Order” pricing guidelines for ethical drugs has resulted in this segment being perceived as a highly lucrative alternative source of revenue.
Herbal has now become full-fledged wave composing of both in beauty care and health care products. As well as herbal drugs over the counter have gained substantial ground. Currently according to industry estimate, total pharmaceutical market is around Rs.5000 crores, the total herbal market share is Rs.1200 crores.
Traditional medicine is...

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