The History Of Eating Utensils Essay

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When you sit down at your dinner table do you ever wonder about the fork, knife, and spoon? The history of eating utensils goes way back to the first human-beings when they started eating with their fingers but over time their eating methods were refined and they started to use spoons, knifes, and forks. Many people were hesitant to make the switch to eating utensils like the English.
In the medieval-times people used their fingers but as time passed they started to use forks. “As the diners enter the hall, they stop by the side table to wash their hands at the basin… it is done in public so that everyone will know his or her neighbors' fingers are clean when they reach into a bowl for ...view middle of the document...

There were different kinds of spoons like for serving food or just eating food. The knife has had multiple uses like as a weapon or a tool, but only in the last few centuries as an eating utensil. “Innkeepers didn't provide table knives for their guests in the Middle Ages…. So people took their knives with them when they traveled”(Giblin 15). Poorer people couldn’t afford a fancy place to put their knife, so they stuck them into belts, or socks. “Most knifes were sharp and still used as weapons, so guidelines were created when using knifes at the table while eating. In 1669, King Louis XIV of France decreed all pointed knives on the street or the dinner table illegal, and he had all knife points ground down like those to the right in order to reduce violence,” says the article called The History of Eating Utensils. Spoons were more of a luxury rather than a necessity, and only at the rich could have jeweled spoons. The poor had their spoons made out of wood or a cheap metal like tin. Though eating utensils did get more refined as time passed. “Cities grew...

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