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The History Of Environmentalism And Going Green

3551 words - 15 pages

Introduction 1
The historical overview of environmentalism and going green 1
Green consumer behaviour 2
Factors of environmentalism that affect consumer behaviour 3
Economic potential of environmentalism 4
Implications of environmentalism for marketers 6
Effects of environmentalism on the STP Process 6
Conclusion 8
References 9

The Earth’s natural resources are depleting at a very fast pace. Forestry is being destroyed at an alarming rate, thereby contributing to the increasing amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Water sources are being heavily polluted, destroying underwater life. All these factors have led to the rising of a group of consumers called environmentalists. This group aims to consume in a way that is sustainable for the planet and its resources, mitigating the extent of damage to the Earth.
The research question to be explored in this paper is:
What has been the impact of “The Green Revolution” on marketing?

The objectives of this paper are to:
• Investigate the history of environmentalism and going green,
• Explore the purchasing behaviour of environmentalists,
• Highlight the factors that affect the consumer behaviour of environmentalists,
• Investigate the economic potential of the Green Economy,
• Determine the implications of environmentalism for marketers, especially from a segmenting, targeting and positioning perspective.

This paper uses relevant literature on environmentalism obtained from scholarly journals and articles, books, government documentation, as well as online articles.
The obtained data will be used to critically analyse the effects of environmentalism and going green on marketing. Conclusions will then be drawn as to what the impact of environmentalism has been on marketing

Environmentalism commenced in the middle ages, before the concept of “going green” was ever thought of. (Michael, 2010). It began as a movement with the ancient Greeks whereby they constructed their homes facing the sun to make use of passive solar energy. It then spread to communities in China, India and the Peru and expanded to using terracing, natural fertilizers and crop rotation in order to protect the soil from erosion and maximize space and growth for plants.
The concept of the going green movement is however associated with Rachael Carson’s book Silent Spring. (Lallanilla, n.d.). The American writer exposed the detrimental effects of pesticides on the environment (Carson, 1962). This book is what led Americans to be concerned about the environment. This led to the opposing of chemical companies, a ban of the pesticide Dichlorodidiphenyltrichlotoetheme (DDT) and the genesis of the US Environmental Protection Agency, which was the first of its kind (The Paley Centre, 2009).
According to Sara (2008), environmentalism is defined today as: “the act by people who care for the environment of ensuring the...

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