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The History Of Especial Education Essay

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Special education used to have no place in society, but now it has a permanent place. For years students with disabilities were hidden away. That started to change in 1973 and by 2002 students were welcomed in traditional classrooms. There were numerous lawsuits that had to happen to free disabled students from their segregation. Lawsuits influences the student’s lives in a great way. They could learn with everyone else. Teacher’s responsibilities had to increase, holding them accountable for the performance of the new students. All students need to learn in a safe and welcoming environment no matter if they are disabled or not.
Social Implications of Attitudes
Feelings towards individuals who had any disability were harsh. It was a game of survival as parents abandoned their handicapped children. Doing this made segregation possible. Any individual who was different became isolated, rejected, and left out of the everyday life in their communities. This was the norm until the Civil Rights Movement changed people’s minds slightly. There were people that now felt compassion towards people who have disabilities. Now the norm is allowing children independence and many types of social connections (Causton-Theoharis, 2005). Other children are more successful when it comes to teaching social skills.
Legislation and Litigation
Laws and court cases explicate how individual people act within their society. These laws reveal what people are allowed or not allowed to do, in effort to have an efficient society. American standards of equality are still predominant, these concepts were mirrored in the rules and lawsuits that guided special education. The way people think about disabled students has changed drastically over the years. Disabled students have moved from separate schools or rooms to learning in a traditional classroom.
In 1973 The Rehabilitation Act and the amendments that followed in 1986 and 1992 promised that there would be educational rights for all students (Yell, 1998). Next came the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) dictates that education needs to be offered in least constrictive educational environment (Folsom-Meek, 2007). A law was passed in 2002 breaking down student’s accomplishments and pushing to enhance student’s grades. This act is called the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Thanks to the IDEA and NCLB act, the belief about the future of the disabled students has changed. Students now have been more successful academically. This success is decreasing the number of students that drop out of school. This also increases the rate of disabled students who attend college and graduate from them.
There has been extreme changes in thinking and attitudes towards students with disabilities. Discussions about different types of disabilities and how to educate the students have been more vocal. The main topic was to change the policy to hold all students to the same criteria. The NCLB act has made it possible for all...

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