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The History Of Female Genital Mutilation And Its Consequences

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Chantel Spencer
Dr. Zehr
24, April 2014
Female Genital Mutilation
According to many Americans, female genital mutilation is one of the most hurtful practices ever conducted. During this operation, female genitals are partly or entirely removed with the goal of inhibiting the woman’s sexual feelings. In my opinion, there is no reason for this operation to be happening. This usually occurs before the female experiences puberty (between the ages of four and eight). The female can suffer for days, weeks, or even months at a time. This ritual is widely practiced in many parts of Africa and by migrants from African countries in other parts of the world (Karmaker 20-28). If Americans research and read what people say about this operation, they can understand what these women and girls go through. We can talk to the people who have experienced this process first hand and get them to share their experiences and how life continued after the operation.
The history of female genital mutilation dates back about 2000 years. It is also called female genital cutting or female circumcision. Female genital mutilation is from Egypt and then later spread to East Africa. Female genital mutilation is practiced as a cultural ritual by many ethnic groups in 27 different countries in sub-Saharan and Northeast Africa and a few in Asia, the Middle East and immigrant communities in other places. This operation is usually done using a knife or razor. By 2013, most girls were cut before the age of five. There are many ways that this procedure can go about. They can remove most or majority of the clitoris hood and the same go with the inner and outer lips. Also the World Health Organization group has type I and II. Type I is divided up into two different sections. Type I(a) is basically the removal of the clitoris hood, which is not normally performed. Type I(b) is the removal of the clitoris along with the foreskin. The bleeding of when this operation is being done is stopped with gauzes or other types of bandages. After it stops bleeding they put one or two stitches around the clitoral artery to prevent it from bleeding anymore. Another procedure that the group World Health Organization calls type III female genital mutilation, a small hole is left for the passage or urine and menstrual blood, and the vagina is open for intercourse and childbirth. A pinhole is made with made by inserting something into the wound like a twig or rock salt; they then would sew the wound up. The girl’s legs are then tied up from her ankles to hip for about 2-6 weeks until the wound was healed. After this operation the girl may not be able to give birth or possibly have complications during childbirth. Over eight million girls have experienced Type III. This is common in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. The procedure is an ethic marker. In some countries women support these operations because it show honor and authority and they think it’s a big part in raising their...

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