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The History Of Gaming Essay

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Video gaming, First started in the late 1940’s, games were nothing like they are today. Games have continued to evolve over time to set new standards in the industry, and provide top end systems for the consumer. From arcade cabinets to handheld to computers and smartphones, there are many different options for today's’ markets, and different reasons why gaming has changed. Here are a few.
Video games, games operated by computer circuitry, are completely virtual. Besides from peripherals, they operate in a world of their own. Starting in a computer lab at MIT, bored students created a new type of game. In 1962, they developed Spacewar! which is the earliest known digital video game. Since there was no such thing as a video game, they had started a new revolution of modern gaming as we know it today. Then, in 1966, a man by the name of Ralph Baer designed circuitry to display and control moving dots on a TV screen; he was known as the father of video gaming. Baer also helped create the first commercial console, the Magnavox Odyssey, which led to the creation of color graphics in 1981 by IBM (6). Video games can run on many different platforms today, ranging from the PC, to arcade cabinets, consoles, home TV sets, handheld/mobile, and even server based (1). But before we explore the future, we must look into the past to see how the industry started.
In the beginning, nobody had ever dreamed of a game that ran on electricity. The concept of video gaming was something never heard of in that time, until the first commercially available home console came along. Created by Ralph H. Baer, the father of video games, the Magnavox Odyssey could connect to TV’s, play ping pong, tennis, handball, volleyball, chase games, and ever shooter games. At the time, 1972, this was something that nobody had ever seen before.As the gaming market began to pick up, a new console called the Atari was released. In 1977, the 2600 was the most popular model, dominating the market and raising the bar for future consoles. In 1977-’79, Nintendo had released their first series of consoles, which still followed Atari’s pong styles games- Atari still was the console of choice. In less than 10 years from the first commercial console, the golden age of video games had begun. Games like pac-man, mario bros, LOZ, final fantasy, and other games were released in cartridge form. Beginning to compete, nintendo and sega were toe to toe releasing increasingly sophisticated systems.. Because of this, atari was beginning to slip out of the market. The use of compact disks changed the way of how games could be used, making it easier to store more data in a smaller space. The more recent playstation was then released in 1994 by sony. From 1998-2004, sega has dropped out of the consumer market, as the Xbox and Playstation 2 were released. Today, Microsofts Xbox 360 and Xbox One still compete with the Playstation 3 and 4. The Xbox represents a large shift in the gaming world, bringing internet...

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