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The History Of Islamophobia Essay

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Have you ever thought when did Islamophobia start to appear ? It

started to appear in 1912 . It caused fear to the citizens of Europe and the Westerns

when they started to frighten people of Islam . This had a bad effect on Islamic

countries as Islam became hated by most of the countries who felt fear from that thing

called Islamophobia . Over 15 million Muslims are living in Europe how had suffered

persecuted from a long time. It is stated that 57% of Muslim societies believe that

Muslims in the west and in Europe are not treated equally as the other citizens living

there. The cartoonist displayed perfectly Islamophobia inboth of these cartoons.

Thosecartoons at the top of the article represent the problem of Islamophobia .

The cartoon in which the giant dog appears is richer than the other one especially

when it comes to the persuasive techniques comparing Irony, Symbolism , labeling,

exaggeration and analogy.

Irony is one of the most important persuasive techniques that could

ever be used to deliver the cartoonist's message. It is the difference between the way

things are and the way things should be or the way things are expected to be. In The

dog cartoon irony is represented in the speech of the man saying "Don't be afraid I

call it freedom of speech." His words contradict with what is happening in real life.

The Europeans have their own religion and beliefs but actually they are

not convinced with Islam and they still think that Muslims are terrorists. In the FBI

cartoon the FBI stamp all Muslims as terrorists although they belief in freedom of

thought and religion ; they still think of Muslims as terrorists because of the ill deeds

done by some of the Muslims extremists. From both cartoons we conclude that the

Muslims are trying hard all over the world to prove that they are innocent from these

terrorist attacks and they condemn these brutal actions, but in vain .

Symbolism is one of the most important persuasive techniques that could

be used to deliver the cartoonist's message. Cartoonists use simple objects or

symbols to stand for larger concepts or ideas. The first cartoon, the giant dog is a

symbol for great hatred , racism and fear of Islam and Muslims that makes the dog

trying to attack the Muslims. in the second cartoon the FBI is a symbol of the

Americans who believes that Muslims are terrorists and trying to crush and get rid of

them by any means. We conclude at the end that the Europeans and the westerns are

dealing that Muslims are all terrorist and Islmophobia is a ghost according to them

and they can't apply democracy or freedom on Muslim people and families.

To avoid in...

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