The History Of Mission San Francisco De Asis

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The History of Mission San Francisco de Asis On June 27th, 1776 Father Palon and Pedro Cambon, ten Christian Indians driving pack mules, and almost 300 head of cattle arrived at the Arroyode los Dolores which Anza and Father Font had selected for a mission site. They put up a camp, erected an arbor (gazebo) as a temporary chapel and on June 29th, 1776 Font celebrated mass. This was the beginning of California's sixth mission. Missions were settlements where padres (priests) from the Catholic Church taught their religions beliefs to the people nearby. The padres knew when they left Spain to serve God and carry the word that they might never return. Father Serra wanted the Indians to give up their culture and to live and work at the missions. In exchange he would offer them a new way of life. Since Agriculture was an important activity on the missions they were taught farming skills and took care of the animals. Their crops and animals supplied most of the food needed to feed the padres, the Indians, and the soldiers living nearby. Women grind corn and spun the wool while children gathered olives to make oil for lamps, medicine, and in cooking. The Indians were also taught tradecrafts like tanning leather so they could support themselves. At the mission de Asis Indians began making adobe brick and, in 1778, work on the present church. They constructed and repaired mission buildings. They also began building forts and presidios to protect the entrance to the enormous Bay. Towns and pueblos were also started near the missions for settlers from Mexico. The Padres at the missions were very friendly offering visitors a place to stay. The padres hoped to convert the Indians and thought they should learn the Spanish Culture in order to be good Christians. It was new and exciting to many Indians so they joined the missions and worked very hard. However, not all Indians were happy so they ran away. Some rebelled and accused any one related to the missions of trespassing upon the land of their forefathers. For the many that stayed Mission Dolores had its share of sorrows. There were long periods of fog and damp- cold, unhealthy weather. Thousands of Indians died from diseases brought by the Spanish like measles and smallpox. Some died from the change in their diets. Through the years Mexican leaders wanted to get rid of anything connected with the Old Spanish Government and a civil commission was assigned to take over the mission in 1834. The land was divided among Indians, Californians, and New Mexican...

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