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The History Of Naming U.S Navy Ships, Captain James Lawrence, The Uss Lawrence And The Uss Charles F. Adams

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How are US Navy ships named? How was the USS Lawrence DDG-4 and the USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 named? The history of naming Navy ships has always been a mystery. You have the history of the men who become namesakes of these ships. Then there is years of history of the ships themselves during the time that they were in commission. These topics tie in together to understand the USS Lawrence and the USS Charles F. Adams.
U.S. Navy ships have been named by many important people in U.S. history. March 3, 1819 Congress formally placed responsibility in naming the ships to the Secretary of the Navy (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). Ships are named based on what types of ships they are. There isn’t exactly a set time for assigning a name; it needs to be done before the ship is christened (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). The Chief of Naval Operations is the one who sends the recommending names to the Secretary of the Navy (Ship Naming in the United States Navy).
Ships that were named off of states were borne by battleships, armored cruisers, and monitors (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). This went on through the early 1900s till they were running short on names (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). Cruisers had gotten their names somewhere else. They were named off of cities (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). Destroyers were named from American naval leaders and heroes (Naming Ships).
During World War 1 a new ship was made called the minesweeper (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). So it was time for the new way to name the ships. Assistant Secretary of the Navy at that time was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had a keen interest in amateur ornithology (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). So he pretty much named the ships off bird names. Ships that obtained the names from Roosevelt served as the backbone of the Navy’s mine force for the next quarter century; many earned honors in World War 2 (Ship Naming in the United States Navy).
In between the World Wars the Navy’s first aircraft carriers came into service (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). The names varied with them. The destroyer escort retained the name source of its “parent” ship type, the destroyer (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). Ships that were lost during wartime were normally honored by having their names reassigned to new construction (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). In World War 2 the names of individuals were once again used for aircraft carriers (Ship Naming in the United States Navy).
Attack cargo ships and attack transports were named for American counties and AKAs were named for stars or constellations (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). So let’s move on to the submarines. Attack submarines were named for sea creatures; however a few were named for such legislators such as Richard B. Russell and L. Mendel Rivers (Ship Naming in the United States Navy). After World War 2 aircraft carriers were given a mix of such...

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