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The History Of Nursing Essay

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Registered Nurse
Registered nurses provide care and medical information to patients. Registered nurses are considered the backbone of the healthcare system. There is plenty of history, requirements, and outlooks on Registered nurses.
The history of nursing dates back to the medieval times to today. It started off with nuns, in addition to their religious practices, attended the sick and dying. Nurses were usually females back then. When the Crimean War went on, an English nurse, Florence Nightingale, started the foundation for nursing. Florence Nightingale wrote the first book of nursing, saying the requirements, and details of nursing. In 1901, New Zealand founded the first registration ...view middle of the document...

Also, in Lamar University in Beaumont TX, they offer nursing programs. I even think there are some nursing programs that one can take in high school to start having experience in the field and to start the nursing career. Although, becoming a nurse requires many things. If one doesn’t have the personality for being a nurse, they will just hate their job. A person needs to be caring, compassionate, nice, and not let emotions get in their way in order to be a nurse. Nurses also have to like helping people, and not be easily grossed out by blood, and other things of the body. They also need to be good at communication and be responsible. Responsibility places a big part in being a nurse, if a nurse is not responsible they might just lose a life in the process. Many places don’t hire nurses unless they have some experience in field. It is important for a registered nurse to have some type of experience. Also, nurses have to have a flexible time schedule. The job doesn’t end when the shift is over, sometimes they call them up to work extra hours. Nurses have many requirements.
There are many tasks and duties that come with being a registered nurse. The tasks include, taking patients history, performing physical exams, diagnosing, treating/managing diseases, minor surgeries, and counseling. The doctors do the main medical care, although the nurses are the ones that do most of the medical work. They have to counsel the patient and family to give them moral support. The duties include, medical record keeping, and management. Nurses do a lot of things, it is not as simple as people make it seem. Also, registered nurses work a lot of hours, almost eight or ten hours a day. Typically registered nurses work 10-20 hours per week. Part time nurses work ten through twenty hours per week, while full time nurses work thirty six or forty hours a week. Nurses tend to work in hospitals or...

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