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A young pharmacist called Caleb Bradham, who was trying to create a refreshing drink in the summer in order to serve his customers and when the drink had won the admiration of people invented Pepsi cola drink in 1898. Bradham has established in 1902 his Pepsi-cola company, Pepsi-cola was advertised as a drink that aids digestion and the brand started to widespread, and increase sales and Caleb give the brand a slogan “Drink Pepsi-cola. It will satisfy you”.
In 1945, Pepsi has started to expand around the world and launched new bottle sizes and cans. Then in 1958, they introduced a new international advertising campaign that targeted the young people and the campaign’s slogan was “Be sociable, have a Pepsi”.
In the late 1950’s a new phenomenon was occurred which changed the way Americans would think and live after the war which resulted to the appearance of a new generation with new lifestyle and here Pepsi captured this attitude and had launched an advertising with the Pepsi generation name under the slogan of “Come Alive! You are in the Pepsi generation”. Here Pepsi noticed after the changing in the people lifestyles a change in their dietary habits too so it launched in 1964 new low calorie drink with the name of Diet Pepsi.
In 1970’s, people and media had noticed the Cola war where the challenge in the soft drink industry was increasing. Pepsi-cola was strongly competing Coca-Cola company with increasing success as Pepsi were launched new larger sizes including family-size bottles to satisfy different preferences and they had started a new challenge marketing campaign by making tasting tests for consumers and the results were that people preferred the taste of Pepsi over Coca-cola. That helped Pepsi to increase its market share at that time and in 1980’s Pepsi was the brand number one in convenience stores sales.
Throughout the 1980’s, Pepsi used superstars in pop music and sport in their advertisements for example Michael Jackson to reach their consumers by these admirable stars. In addition, in 1990’s, Pepsi continued using celebrities in its advertisements for new packages.
Entering the new millennium, Pepsi introduced new series of products such as Pepsi vanilla, Pepsi twist which contains a twist of lemon, Pepsi max with zero calories. In addition to the new series of healthy beverages introduced by Pepsi such as Tropicana juices according to the demand of customers who want non-carbonated drinks. Moreover, Pepsi as usual used celebrities’ power such as Britney Spears and Beyonce in their advertisements to promote for its new Pepsi twist.
In the era of the technological advancement, Pepsi had entered the digital age and made alliances with other companies in order to make Pepsi name in the mind of consumers across cultures for example Pepsi build a relationship with yahoo by which people can gather points online and change them with...

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