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The History Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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Teenagers take extreme measures in order to “fix” themselves (by having Plastic surgery). Plastic Surgery is a surgical process used to repair deformities and glitches in a persons body. Nowadays, teenagers tend to have plastic surgeries to improve physical characteristics they feel are flawed and/or to fit in with peers, to look similar to others. In fact, it is only the pressure that has been put upon these minors that makes them want to look flawless or perfect in order to feel comfortable in their own skin and avoid any unwanted judgments. Most teenagers are not mature enough to clearly understand the problems and consequences that are accompanied with cosmetic surgery. Therefore, ...view middle of the document...

He says that it will build up their self-esteem and it will make them more comfortable around others (even their parents). According to Meg Finney, in the “Endangered Bodies”, plastic surgery is band from Italy, Germany, China and many other countries.

The necessity to change ones body is usually an indication caused by mental instability. This problem should be treated and not solved with cosmetic surgery. Sources indicate that plastic surgery, precisely breast augmentation, increases the depression rate of most patients (after surgery), this unfortunately leads to a higher amount of suicidal women. Studies show the negative psychological effects on patients after plastic surgery; Social worker Roberta Honigman and psychiatrists Katherine Phillips, MD, and David Castle, MD tested 37 patients psychological and psychosocial functioning before and after cosmetic surgery. They have come to found poor results regarding those who had high expectations on their final look. Some researchers finally found that patients who are not satisfied with their new body image tend to isolate themselves from society, their family and have huge temptations to self-destruct themselves. In conclusion, plastic surgery can cause psychological damage and therefore should not be encouraged to people especially to teenagers who tend to be more sensitive then adults.

However, the majority of the teenagers who tend to have plastic surgery only go threw this process once and become more then satisfied with their final result. They become happier with their new looks and start feeling comfortable in their own skin. Some Doctors predict positive outcomes for most patients (not all of them). Plastic surgery can higher ones self esteem. It can be helpful for teenagers who have troubles with fitting in with others. Although plastic surgery can cause psychological damage to those who fail getting the results they expected, it can turn out to be a big hit for those who were desperate to get rid of their big nose for instance. A recent study by Sarwer shows the positive results after a year of surgery.87 % of patients reported satisfaction and experienced...

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