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The History Of Psychology And Its Relations To Video Games

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Psychology is a very interesting field of science and study. It can tell interesting facts about someone and their personality. It can study a person’s behavior and the causes of the issues in their daily tasks. There have been fun tests that involve psychology. There is a lot of confusion about of psychology in media. They are normally depicted as criminal investigators and high action paced cops. While psychology is used in police activity it is not as hyped as it is in the movies or television shows.
The science of psychology evolved for a mix between biology and philosophy. Discussions about these two fields of study date back as far as the Greek time period of Aristotle and Socrates. The word Psychology is derived from the Greek word “psyche” which means “life” or “breath”, also derived from the words “soul” and “self”. Psychology wasn't truly well known as a separate field of study until the late 1800’s, although it was traced back to Greek times. A well known french philosopher Rene Descartes introduced dualism, which then asserted that mind and body are two half's of a whole. It was key to psychology becoming a separate field of study from philosophy. Philosophy focuses of observation, math and logic, psychology uses scientific methods to draw conclusions to human thought and behavior. These two fields of study are closely related and sometimes mistaken for each other. If it wasn't for early philosophers studies of the human brain.
There are many types of psychology. Psychology has become a huge big field of study. Psychology helps kids and adults understand their difference in personality if they wish. It watches their behavior patterns and developments as they grow up. It also shows how and why certain things affect kids, to show if it has a positive influence or negative impact on their lives. Psychology is very diverse and spread among other topics that can and will affect our lives even if we neglect to notice them.
Psychology is also used to help figure out how kids learn. They help figure out the best ways to teach kids in and out the classrooms. Growing up almost everything can influence a kids development, from friends to family to toys, music, and games. Children are fragile as they grow up into adulthood. they rely on the guidance of these sources to learn. That is why it is so important for us to watch what we expose to our children. This thought has gone into many things throughout the years. Television, certain books, movies, games all exposed to kids and contribute to a part of their development.
Video games provide a large amount of entertainment for kids, teens and even adults. Its almost as if everyone at least has played a video game once or twice and has enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Games have provided many hours of fun and laughter among friends and family and even at parties and arcades. In some cases video games have helped kids learn and develop numbers, letters and even read. An example of...

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