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It starts with a simple beat, a tap on the drums or a guitar strumming, and then it happens. The notes flow into a wonderful array of feelings that you may fear to show. You finally feel like there is someone out there that is feeling the same way you are. Music is food to our soul, it can make us feel happy, and it can make us feel sad. When there are no feelings to be shown, it is still there, comforting us and giving us something to think about. Throughout history, music has changed the lives of countless people. Music is one of the easiest influential things in our society. To some people, music is their life. They breathe it and it speaks to them. Punk Rock music has forever shaped the way music will be made for numerous years to come. Like other genres of music, Punk has come and goes, but the records, albums and mixed tapes will forever be with us. The history of music is a deep topic. With music comes passion, dedication and love. An anonymous poet once said, "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” Genres like Punk, for example, had many supporters. Were these people actual believers of the music, or did they dress and act rebellious as a way to show people they need affection? Were these rebellious teens acting out in a way just to attain attention from their peers or did they have a strong belief in the history of Punk Rock?
In his book, The History of Punk Rock, Brenden Masar states, A fight against mainstream, punk rock typically attracted only a handful of listeners. The rest were disgusted or threatened by what they heard or saw and returned to the music played on commercial radio. But those who discovered the significance of punk rock became dedicated and lifelong fans (8). Masar states, Punk rock stunned conservative adults and made for sensational headline around the world. But most importantly, it appealed to rebellious kids and young adults who were feeling alienated and misunderstood and gave them new friends, bands to cheer on, and styles to wear (11). Many people probably wouldn’t know that the Punk scene started as "underground Rock." The most influential band of the Punk Rock timeline was the Velvet Underground. In 1965 Lou Reed and John Cale formed a band known as the Velvet Underground (Masar 13). Masar states everyone who listened to the Velvet Underground started a band (17).
In his film, Punk: Attitude, Don Letts show cases several artists that performed in the Punk era. One stated, " Punk rock opened people's minds to new ideas, new things." Another musician stated, " Lou Reed sang about death and did heroine, but the music made people feel good." Some main stage names that were very well known in the Punk era were MC5, Iggy Pop, The Stooges. All these bands had different ways of performing and speaking to their audiences, but the message was always made. ...

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