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The History Of Solar Energy Essay

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Rene Kokoszka
History Of Solar Energy

Table Of Contents:
The Goal 2
Selection Of Sources 4
Application Of Information 5
Achieving The Goal 8
Reflection On Learning 9

The Goal
The topic of my personal project was the usefulness of solar energy over the period of humankind. I touched upon the basic uses of the Sun for our environment, and also the ways that us humans have been manipulating the Sun’s energy for reasons of luxury and survival. More specifically, how humans have taking advantage of and the Sun for heating, survival, and electrical use over the history of humankind.
I find that I am very attracted to the idea of renewable resources, and what us on Earth have been able to find out about the Sun over the course of history. Therefore, I determined that for my personal project, I would find a way to discuss and elaborate on not only how modern humans nowadays use the Sun for luxurious reasons, but also on a more simple scale, such as heating, survival, and the such. I also determined that the best way to show how far humankind has come with researching renewable resources was to go into history, and study how the history of the research have encouraged us to research further, leading to newer, more interesting discoveries throughout the years.
I decided to choose the Area Of Interaction of “Community & Service” for my Personal Project for many various reasons. Firstly, by choosing this Area Of Interaction, I believed that the best way to provide support to the community while giving them relevant information on my topic of solar energy was to make my own solar panel, record the steps I took to make the solar panel, and showcase it to the community. As I came into the research phase of the project, I realized that to make a solar panel was a very costly procedure and also, if I were to miscalculate the slightest procedural duty, I could either make the solar panel non-usable or make it less efficient; and the one thing I didn’t want to do was take that risk not only for the sake of money, but also for the sake of time, because if I made a mistake, I’d have to restart the process from scratch. Also, I had really no background with actually making a solar panel, let alone any electrical device from scratch. So, I decided that I was to not downgrade my project, but do something a bit more realistic through my eyes, which was to create a timeline on the history of solar energy.
I knew that after a week of research that the best way to inform the community about the use of solar energy worldwide was to persuade/encourage the public that the research of solar energy would be a great investment and benefit millions upon millions of people. I believed that making a timeline of the research and accomplishments of the research of solar energy was quite challenging and would serve as a great project idea because it would take the people I would be presenting to...

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