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The History Of Television Essay

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History of television and its influence on people lives. How did television revolutionize the world?

TV, more commonly known as ‘television’ is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. In ancient Greek tèle means ‘far', and in Latin visio means sight. From my perspective and many people of the world television has changed the way we live. Television has brought many amazing things, however nothing is perfect.
Television sets were commercially available since the late 1920s but in very small quantities. Since then television had become a bit more common in houses or business institutions because of it’s purposes. Which are entertainment, and news. In the 1950s, television ...view middle of the document...

Baird mechanical color system (1928-1940)

Shortwave & television, May 1938
In 1928 john logie baird presented a color television system. It was a breakthrough because it was the first one that would properly work. He demonstrated this by using a Nipkow disk, the disk was segregated into three sections, where each of those sections consisted of a spiral system with holes and them being covered by green, blue and red filter. As the disk would rotate, it would scan an image in all three colors, using all three systems with each turn of the disk this would generate a full colored image.

Early electronic television

Around 1930, it was seen that mechanical television would never be able to produce a proper quality which could be used for commercials and other programs. An electronic television needs a picture tube this allowed to display the picture and an electronic camera tube was needed in order to capture the image. Philo Farnsworth, produced images on his image dissector camera tube in 1927. However, the image dissector required too much light to be practical for television.
One of the first electronic television broadcasting began in England in 1936. This was used for several years as BBC broadcasted 30 line mechanical television, by using the Baird system. As stated above the Baird system used a mechanical camera for filmed programming, and Farnsworth image dissector cameras for live programming. After testing out both system it was an obvious decision for BBC to use the all - electronic.
In the united states, they realized the true potential of television. RCA introduced electronic television to the U.S at the 1939 world's fair, and began regularly scheduled broadcasting at the same time.
Germany became active in the development of electronic television before the war. Probably the most advanced pre 1945 receiver, the E1 Volkfernseher, was made in Germany in 1939. There was also some pre 1945 broadcasting in Italy. Russia also produced television sets before the war. Television stations were on the air in Leningrad ~240 line and Moscow ~343 lines this took place in the late 30s. Many manufacturers introduced sets before the war. Some, like Zenith, were reluctant to join the race. Before the war, about 7000 sets were manufactured in the US., and about 19,000 in Britain.
World war two took a big part in interrupting the development of television. In the US. Some broadcasting continued, however the manufacture and sale of the sets came to a halt. In England, all broadcasting and television manufacturing was put on hold until the end of the war.
However in England in 1946, it re-started at the same point in a cartoon where it was shut off in 1939. Then the announcer Jasmine Bligh came on and said, "sorry for the interruption of our programme service. Our next presentation is..." as if nothing had happened! Around 1947, fifteen thousand homes consisted of television sets, and there was only one television station in...

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