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Running head: The Boeing Company
The Boeing Company
The Boeing Company
Clayran A. Delaney
Florida Memorial University
The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company and dominant manufacturer of monetary jetliners, space, security systems and defense. Boeing supports airlines and allied government customers in 150 countries. Boeing brands military aircrafts, weapons, electronic and defense systems. Also, launch systems, communication systems, training, advanced information and performance-based logistics. The company is continually expanded services and its product line. Boeing is an innovative company with its main offices in Chicago. More than 165,000 people are employed and stationed in more than 65 countries. They use the talents of thousands of employees and make them skilled workers. Boeing is sectioned into two groups: Boeing Defense, Space and Security and Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Boeing has been in existence for over 40 years. The company assembles the 737’s, 747’s, 767’s, 777’s, 787’s and numerous business jets. Boeing has more than 10,000 commercial jetliners in service global. It is approximately 48% of the world’s fleet. Also, about 90% of the world’s cargo is carried on Boeing planes.
“Pacific Aero Products Co”
On March 1910, Mr. William E. Boeing bought a shipyard, owned by Heath’s, in Seattle by the Duwamish River. It became his inaugural airplane factory. It was integrated in Seattle on July 15th, 1916 as the Pacific Aero Products Corporation. It was later incorporated in Delaware on July 19th, 1934. Mr. William Boeing went to Yale University, were he studied the timber business. He became very rich and continued to learn about wooden architecture. This love transmuted into his love for the design and make up of airplanes. The wood, spruce, was very popular in Seattle and the company stayed in Seattle to take advantage of the supply. William had this dream in his mind a few months after the June 16 maiden flight of one of the two “B & W” seaplanes. With the assistance of George Conrad Westervelt, William build the B&W seaplane after experiencing the flight of a Curtiss Aircraft. William then decided to buy a Glenn Martin “Flying Birdcage” seaplane. He was taught how to operate the plane by Glenn Martin. On a journey, they crashed the seaplane and needed replacement parts. Upon further examination, they realized that the plane replacements would not reach in adequate time. So, Mr. Boeing decide to build his own plane. William and George made plans to improve the airplane structure and composed the B & W Seaplane. The premier Boeing airplane was constructed in a lakeside hangar positioned on the northeast shore of Seattle’s Lake Union. The first Boeing airplanes were seaplanes. In May 9th, 1917, Boeing changed the name to “Boeing Airplane Company”. When the United States entered World War 1, Boeing has ideas that the U.S .Navy needed seaplanes for training. The Navy liked the planes, Model C’s, that...

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