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The History Of The Cult Gun Company

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Colt Gun Company paper
What would you do without the modern day revolver? Samuel Colt was one of the best gunmakers and had an even better gun company. Samuel Colt was such a skilled gunsmith by making the revolving cylinder and by getting a good manufacturing plant(Lee). Also he made many guns. Some other things he did was by selling the guns directly to the soldiers, and by selling some his weapons to the United States military. Samuel Colt revolutionized the gun company because he made the revolving cylinder, he persevered his company, and he made perfected and perfected his and other companies gun designs.
One of Colt's best inventions was the revolving cylinder which led to his company to expand to its full potential. During the 1830’s Samuel Colt was a sailor for the ship Carlo where he got the idea for the revolving cylinder from the wheel to turn the boat(Kirkland 6). In 1868 to 1871 Colt made the Thuer it came in a 44 and 36 cal that came in a metallic cartridge that did not infringe on Smith and Wesson’s patent(Lee). Like every good inventor you have mistakes but Colts first handgun that he made blew up in his hand. But that mistake gave him the chance to improve and expand his design for the modern day revolver(Kirkland 6). In 1836 Samuel Colt produced the first working and patented revolver(Kirkland 9-11). In 1855 elisha K. Root was hired by Samuel Colt to reengineer his revolving rifles. She made the rifle in to a solid frame and she made the Root Model 1855(Austerman). Another gun that Samuel Colt made was the dragoon it came in a .36 ,.34 ,.31 ,and a .28 caliber pistol most of these were sold to civilians in 1850’s(Lee). Lastly Samuel Colt named this pistol the Dragoon because for centuries men who attacked on horses were known as dragoons which is a british name for a cavalry regiment(Lee).. In conclusion the revolving cylinder was one of Samuel colt's best inventions in the handgun market.
Samuel Colt had one excellent idea in his mind ,but he had to have a good company to get started producing pistols. One of his problems was Samuel and his parents had no money so to get money to start his company he toured America and Canada giving lectures and demonstrations on nitrous oxide also known as common day laughing(Kirkland 6). When Samuel Colt formed the patent Arms Company he did not own it. The people that owned the company fought over it and one of the bosses dueled for the company and ended up dying(Kirkland 16).These events led to the Patent Arms Company going bankrupt in 1842 due to the bickering of samuel Colts Bosses(Samuel Colt). Luckily after these events Samuel Colt met up with Eli Whitney whose father made the cotton gin owned a gun manufacturing company teamed up to produce quality weapons(Kirkland 18). Eli Whitney and Samuel Colt together produced the Walker Colt pistols which were sold to the Texas Rangers. During late 1840’s to 1855 Rollin White work for Colt he bought one of Colt’s pistols to experiment on...

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