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The History Of The Diamond Cartel And Its Role In Determining The Price Of Diamonds

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Diamonds have been identified as being precious but expensive gems for many decades. Diamonds were extremely rare, only found in India and Brazil until the late nineteenth century (Vogelsang, 2005: 5). After the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, the diamond industry began to flourish. Diamonds then became very abundant and cheap to produce. In order for the value of diamonds to remain as high as they were during the phase in which they were still rare, a diamond cartel was introduced. A cartel is defined as a group of firms that gets together to make output and price decisions (Cartel Theory of Oligopoly, n.d.). Hence, the diamond cartel aimed to maintain high prices to maximise the profits of the suppliers by restricting the supply. This essay will analyse the history of the diamond cartel, including diagrams that illustrate what the price of diamonds would be with or without the use of a cartel. The notion that diamonds are the only suitable stone that can be used in engagement rings will also be commented on. Furthermore, specific attention will be placed on the role of the diamond cartel in determining the price of diamonds.

In 1867, huge diamond deposits were accidently discovered near the Orange River in South Africa. Cecil John Rhodes arrived at Kimberley Mine in 1874 and eventually began purchasing claims in the surrounding mines. Rhodes established DeBeers Consolidated Mines in 1888 to manage his assets. DeBeers allowed Rhodes and other suppliers to control the all-inclusive supply of diamonds by setting high market prices and regulating the output of diamonds into the market (Spar, 2006: 197). Ernest Oppenheimer gained control of DeBeers in 1929, after the death of Rhodes in 1902. The Central Selling Organisation (CSO) was later established by Oppenheimer. The CSO acted as the principal arbitrator between the stones that were mined and the consumers who would eventually purchase, polish, or wear them (Spar, 2006: 198). Moreover, The Diamond Syndicate was established in 1873. Under the terms of the Syndicate, diamond producers would buy diamonds solely from DeBeers in agreed-upon numbers at agreed-upon prices (Spar, 2006: 198).

The supremacy of DeBeers began to decline from holding 90% of the world’s rough diamond market, during the nineteenth century, to only owning 35% of it today (De Beers fighting to restore monopoly; challenges lie ahead, 2011). This happened because a number of firms were able to permeate the diamond market. When new world-class mines were discovered in Russia, Australia, and Canada, it became increasingly difficult for DeBeers to control the global supply (A diamond market no longer controlled by DeBeers, 2013). The synthetic diamond industry has developed immensely over the recent decades, and has posed as one of the latest challenges to the diamond market. These diamonds are gemesis lab-created diamonds which compose of the same physical and chemical properties, and emerge as rough diamonds. They are...

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