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The History Of Urban Planning Essay

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Evidence of urban planning exists since antiquity. In ancient Greece the first settlements grew to be cities were following no particular urban plans mainly with the exception of their acropolises. However excess population growth in these city states lead to the colonization wave of the mediterranean during what is known as classical antiquity. The colonies were founded by their metropolises after carefully selecting their locations, providing access to natural resources (minerals, fertile lands, water) and trading routes. These cities were planned usually following the Hippodamian plan of city layouts. The Hippodamian plan was first introduced by Hipodamus of Miletus who rationalized the functions of the city, its underlying street network and the land uses. He proposed a city of three centres, a political, a commercial and a religious, each one of them providing with specialized functions to the city’s population. Not all plans lead to the successful growth of cities. Famous is the case of Megalopolis in southwestern Peloponnese, which had been planned to become a mega city of its time, as it can be inferred by its name. Although a functioning street network laid the foundations for urban development and monumental public buildings were built, like the biggest known ancient theatre, the city failed to attract dwellers and ended its lifespan never to become something more than an insignificant town of the periphery. In Roman antiquity city plans incorporated systematically the provision of clean water thus leading to the creation of the Roman aqueducts that can be seen standing all over Europe even today. During dark ages in most of western Europe city planning reduced to plans regarding the fortifications of the cities, including a series of outer and inner walls as well as trenches. By that time the city form was no more than the collective product of the layouts of guild ghettos. In England a building regulation of 1189 was specifying that building facades would have to be built using stones or bricks, however most of the buildings in London until 1666 were mostly wooden structures. The city of London had grew up to a population size of 400000 by that time and although city walls were still existing the structures had already occupied the area outside of the walls (Hall, 1998, Levy, 2003). In that year a catastrophic fire burst in London and started consuming the wooden building stock quickly. The fire was unable to be stopped due to the lack of access to water, building density as well as materials prone to be vulnerable to fire. The result was most of the city to be burned to the ground even outside of the medieval wall fortifications. (Hearsey, 1965). That was the significant event that made the King of England realize that a well defined regulation was needed in order to help plan rebuilding the city avoiding destruction in the...

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